How Fast Is Your State's Internet?

Cindy DiMariani

How fast is the Internet in your state?

If you live in Idaho, you probably experience slower speeds than your East Coast friends. Broadview Networks’ map infographic, which is based on data from Akamai’s State of the Internet Report, recently revealed an 11.9-Mbps difference between Idaho, the slowest state in the U.S., and Washington D.C. (Akamai lists D.C. as a state for sake of clarity).

The Internet speed leaders generally remained the same since Broadview’s previous map in 2014—Delaware, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island were all in the top five. Virginia, the fastest state in 2014, dropped to eighth place on this year’s map, and the District of Columbia took over first place.

At the other end of the spectrum, Alaska finally climbed out of last place, and Ohio managed something that no other state could: its average Mbps speed remained entirely static from 2014-2017. That’s right—Ohio hasn’t improved, and the state now sits in 47th place.

Depending on how states embrace emerging broadband technology, the state rankings could be very different in 2017. But for now, stay on the East Coast if you want to stream Netflix.

See the complete rankings below:

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