Digitalist Agenda: Places to Be in Q1 2017

Shelly Dutton

The leading edge of the digital economy is wherever innovators gather. Be a part of the revolution.

Feb 20–22
Digital Transformation Forum 2017


In case studies, roundtables, and panel discussions, executives from some of today’s leading brands will share how they are tackling the challenges of digital disruption. Hear Brigitte Cantaloube, chief digital officer of PSA Groupe, discuss how to plan a digital vision that can be measured and adjusted in real time to improve outcomes. Listen to Sean Cornwell, chief digital officer of Travelex, lay out the lessons of a real-life digital transformation, with guidance on how to navigate the journey. And watch while Xavier Perret, chief digital officer of Orange France, opens your eyes to the potential, challenges, and life-changing breakthroughs that are already scripted in our favorite Hollywood movies.

Mar 02–03
The Blockchain Africa Conference 2017


Experts and innovators will share their perspectives on the potential global impact of blockchain technology. Presenters representing a variety of industries include Rocelo Lopes, CEO of coinBR, a Bitcoin mining and exchange firm; Nicole Anderson, founder and CEO of FinTech Circle Innovate, which incubates financial technology business opportunities; John Karanja, a serial entrepreneur and founder of BitHub.Africa, which focuses on using blockchain to expand business access to financial and legal services in Africa; and Abe Cambridge, founder and CEO of The Sun Exchange, which brings solar power to areas that don’t have access to conventional funding sources.

Mar 06–10
20th World Business Dialogue


For two decades, the student-run Organisationsforum
Wirtschaftskongress (OFW) in Germany has invited global executives to talk about emerging business challenges while networking with high-potential talent. Past speakers have included Michael Bloomberg, U.S. media entrepreneur and former mayor of New York City; Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft; Rüdiger Grube, German CEO of Deutsche Bahn AG; and Rita Auma Obama, Kenyan journalist, sociologist, and author. This year, a combination of panels, keynotes, speeches, and executive sessions will focus on how an increasingly virtual and hyperconnected world is impacting sustainability, renewing the insurance industry, redefining transportation and logistics,
and turning space exploration into a new marketplace.

May 16–18

Orlando, FL

Co-hosted with ASUG, SAP presents an opportunity to learn real-world best practices from early adopters and to understand the latest technology trends and breakthroughs that can help you disrupt the competition. Exchange ideas with a network of thought leaders, technology experts, and peers to discover how to enable your business’s digital strategy and optimize your technology investments.

May 23–25
Digital Enterprise Show


Push the envelope on your 2017 digital strategy with insights into some of the most innovative technology for businesses of all sizes and industries. Whether you’re a small business owner or C-suite executive in a large enterprise, you can learn something about all aspects of digital business, from Big Data and digital maturity to cybersecurity and digital marketing. Past presenters have included Angeles Delgado, CEO, Fujitsu Iberia; Federico Florez, chief information and innovation officer, Ferrovial; Labhesh Patel, chief data scientist, UST Global; and Rosa García Garcia, CEO and president, Siemens España.