5 Examples Of Bluetooth Beacon Technology Disrupting Huge Industries

Andre Smith

Nobody will leave home without their phone these days, which is perfect for taking advantage of Bluetooth beacon technology. In fact, we’re already beginning to see various businesses in different industries shake things up in new and exciting ways. Can you think of any examples you’ve seen in real life so far? Maybe you’re only beginning to delve into the technology, so let’s look at some of the things you may see when you’re carrying your phone or wearable device.


In the past, you had to use your room key to open the door, which seems like such an outdated concept now. Then we had key cards for a while, but with the right app and Bluetooth beacon technology you’ll be able to enter and exit your room using your smartphone. It will be able to help you navigate your way around large hotels too, so hotel customer service ratings will soon start to explode.

Retail shops

A lot of people buy online instead of visiting the shops, but you’ll always find a few who prefer to shop in malls. Imagine how much money they could save if a beacon sent them a discount coupon based on the items they were viewing as they walked past. It would tempt them to buy something they were thinking about anyway, and retail stores would be able to drive their sales up quite significantly.


One thing a hospital needs to do is keep their patients safe at all times. This example touches on beacons instead of mobile phones, and if patients were wearing them they could be tracked. The technology could even be used to keep track of important equipment so its whereabouts are known at all times. When hospitals save time, they’ll also save so much money.

Theme parks

Have you heard all the stories about Disney MagicBands? These don’t actually run on Bluetooth beacon technology because Disney went down the radio frequency route instead, but it’s the perfect example of what will be possible in theme parks. You’ve already paid your money, so why should you have to wait for rides when you can swipe a machine with your band? Things like guided tours will be aided by beacons, too.


What is the one thing everyone hates about the bank? It’s the time you have to spend waiting around in a queue, but that will be coming to an end very soon. Even if your bank has a ticket system, it’s not ideal staring up at a screen every few minutes. Now your smartphone will tell you where you are in the queue, and it could even alert you once it’s your turn to walk up to the customer service desk.

We knew it was going to happen

We knew the technology was going to disrupt massive industries. We just didn’t know it was going to happen so fast on such a large scale; there are hundreds of things we’ve not even touched on today. There’s a good chance Bluetooth beacons will be used in every growing business in the coming years.

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