Sharing Small And Midsize Best Practices: 30 Customers In 30 Days

Meaghan Sullivan

I oversee the marketing programs for small and midsize businesses, which are implementing the technology they need to grow their businesses. Some are moving away from managing their businesses with spreadsheets to relying on business management technology to gain end-to-end visibility into their businesses and make better decisions in a timely manner. Others are solving specific challenges in a particular area of their business – from employee recruitment and development to the implementation of a new e-commerce platform to enhance the customer experience in their online store.

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Although each company is unique, we see small and midsize businesses face similar challenges:

  • Scale: How can your company do more of what you do best while keeping true to your core?
  • Customers: How can you fill your company’s pipeline without emptying your bank account?
  • Speed: How can your company become even more responsive and nimble to take care of customers and jump on new opportunities faster than the guys across the street or across the world?
  • Cost control: How can your company shave excess spend or wasted time without affecting quality?
  • Loyalty: How can your company get closer to your customers and employees to earn their loyalty?
  • Compliance: How can your company keep up with regulatory requirements without bogging down the business with red tape and processes?

Over the next 30 days, we will hear from 30 different small and midsized companies from a range of industries and regions around the world that have pondered and tackled these questions. Our first featured customer will be Reggie’s Garage, founded by baseball legend Reggie Jackson to connect classic car owners with the best auto suppliers and manufacturers.

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Meaghan Sullivan

About Meaghan Sullivan

Meaghan Sullivan is the head of Global Partner Marketing and General Business. In this role, she is tasked with accelerating awareness and consideration in the Small Medium Enterprise (SME) segment for SAP as well as global partner revenue through channel marketing and commercial sales practices. Sullivan focuses on Demand Generation activities to provide SAP partners with innovative programs, campaigns and resources that enable them to more efficiently market their SAP solutions and services.