Five Coolest Writing Tools Of The Digital Era

Graham M. Rand

The world has not yet given in entirely to cyberspace, and technology has yet not eliminated all the old-fashioned ink pens from the face of the Earth. I, for one, am glad—although I write every day with my eyes glued to a screen, I still enjoy any occasion where I can use a physical pen.

Not only are they still widely used, but pens have somehow tripped over these modern times and ended up evolving into a cool blend of technology, utility, and insane designs.

Let’s take a look  five of the coolest writing tools of our times.

1. Pen+Sprayer


Murphy’s Law never ceases to be so damn right—especially in emergency situations. For example, suppose you need to write something down immediately. If you’re anything like me, you inevitably have plenty of paper but no pencil—or vice versa.

Well, kids, with this useful Pen+Sprayer by Yanko Design, you don’t need paper for your quick notes. Simply spray the substance from the pen onto the palm of your hand and write your note there. The spray ensures that sweat won’t erase the notes, and it’s easy to clean off later. You can also use it to write notes on desks, fridges, or other surfaces.

2. The Scribble Pen


This pen takes you directly into the world of future tech. It features a unique sensor at its tip that scans and captures any color, replicating it in a matter of seconds for your custom designs or works of art.

For example, suppose you’re creating a self-portrait. There’s no need to spend your valuable time painstakingly blending multiple hues in an effort to capture your exact hair color. Just grab the Scribble, scan your hair, and finish the image in a jiffy.

Naturally, the Scribble pen comes with software, which can save scanned colors in a digital library for future use.

3. USB MP3 Pen + FM Radio + Voice Recorder


Its name may be lengthy, but this device doesn’t sell itself short!

The USB MP3 Pen + FM Radio + Voice Recorder handles everything you might need while writing your bestseller. You can enjoy music, plus the latest news, on the built-in radio.

And for those stressful moments when your head is spinning with ideas but you don’t have time to write them all down? The voice recorder means you’ll never lose your best ideas again. But wait—there’s more: The pen also features data storage. How’s that for a multiple-use pen?

4. Sprout Pencil


Cooking can be a fun activity, especially when you can get delicious, fresh ingredients right from your pencil! The Sprout Pencil offers a unique way to preserve the environment one tiny step at a time. This average-looking writing tool holds a special seed capsule in the place you’d typically find an eraser.

When the pencil’s useful life has come to end (and it’s way too short to write your autobiography), you can activate its ultimate mission: Plant the pencil, eraser-side down, in a flowerpot, and in a few days you will have your own urban garden. The pencil will turn into fresh herbs, edible flowers, or vegetables.

To complete this environment-friendly picture, the pencil is created entirely of PEFC- or FSC certified cedar, so every time a tree is harvested to make a new batch of Sprout Pencils, another tree is planted to take its place. Now that’s a resourceful and practical way to take care of our planet!

5. Uni Mechanical Pencil Kuru Toga Roulette Model


The oldie-but-goody mechanical pencil has finally been reinvented. The Kuru Toga Roulette Model is among the best writing tools available, due to a small but clever new feature: The pen automatically rotates the lead slightly every time you lift it from the paper, ensuring that the tip remains perfectly sharp. Now your handwriting can look as clear as an awesome computer-generated font.

Writing is always a challenging process that puts your imagination through herculean tasks. So, a smart writing tool can save the day with some quirky and fun superpowers.

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