What Is At The Heart Of Digital Transformation? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Susan Walker

The digital era is gaining incredible momentum, and smartphones are changing the way that many businesses interact with their customers, employees, and partners. This places mobility at the heart of digital transformation, according to the 451 Research report, The Impact of Mobility in Support of Digital Transformation in the Enterprise.

The report shows that in the last four years, mobile technology has become the preferred choice for customer service – either through text messaging, mobile phone self service, website browsing, social media, or using a cellphone to talk to a company representative. At the same time, traditional methods of customer service are steadily declining, with a 38% drop in home telephone interaction and a 27% decline in email use.

It’s not surprising that people have come to rely on their mobile devices. Most people can pinpoint amazing capabilities that they have on personal apps that they use every day, yet it’s still hard to find similar experiences in the enterprise.

Even with all of the evidence proving the benefits of going mobile, many businesses are still slow to adopt mobile technology. The infographic The State of Mobility in the Enterprise shows that most organizations are still in the early stages of enterprise mobility and digital transformation, with 60% of businesses lacking any sort of enterprise apps.

Top challenges enterprises face in developing mobile apps

According to the 451 Research report, some of the biggest challenges keeping businesses from advancing their mobility efforts include the following:

  • Lack of developer talent
  • Pressure to develop more rapidly
  • Complex mobile technology landscape

These obstacles are being addressed head-on with initiatives like the recent partnership agreement between SAP and Apple aimed at reinventing the mobile work experience. Developments in this area present new opportunities that businesses can utilize to advance their own digital strategies.

How to begin your enterprise mobility efforts

In the enterprise, applications have traditionally been built for the tethered world, where they work well. But business processes must be reimagined when you think about mobility. Having a digital strategy in place is crucial, and user experience is increasingly important. As you move forward with your digital vision, consider the following:

  • Be strategic and not reactive
  • Focus on the mobile end-user experience
  • Adopt an end-to-end strategy

Mobile apps will gradually become embedded as integral parts of mission-critical business processes in order to create experiences that make peoples’ jobs better and easier. Will your business become an innovative competitor in the mobile movement?

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Susan Walker

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