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Susan Walker

If you’re looking for great examples of mobile and digital transformation, you might start with cloud-based software developers, online retailers, or even the education sector. However, one industry you might not consider is the traditional world of oil and gas utilities.

Since privatization in the 1990s, the oil and gas sector has not faced fundamental threats to its core business or operating models. Now things are changing in a big way. A recent report on innovation imperatives for the oil/gas industry by Monitor Deloitte shows how energy providers are feeling pressure to lower production costs, meet environmental safety regulations, and satisfy more stakeholders. In response, companies like Cepsa are meeting those challenges through mobile applications and digitization.

A closer look at Cepsa

Cepsa is an integrated energy company, with more than 10,000 employees, operating at every stage of the oil value chain. It’s engaged in petroleum and natural gas exploration and production activities, including refining, transport and sale of crude oil derivatives, petrochemicals, gas, and electricity.

Responding to industry pressures with technology

Joaquín Reyes Vallejo, CIO of Cepsa, laid out the company’s current challenges and explained how technology helps the company deal with global complexities: “Within our company’s strategy, our main challenge is the globalization of services and improving the efficiency of processes,” he said. “SAP HANA platform is at the center of this challenge. Our company is currently considered an efficiency benchmark leader in the implementation of the integrated businesses processes using the most advanced technologies. Unlike our competitors, all of our company’s processes are carried out on one integrated platform, achieving maximum cost efficiency and the ability to roll out the system globally.”

Creative use of mobile

How this plays out for consumers includes an app for mobile pay-at-the-pump using PayPal. More than 120,000 consumers in Spain have downloaded Cepsa’s latest gas-payment app on iOS and Android devices.

A recently announced partnership between SAP and Apple will help Cepsa and other companies in traditional sectors move forward with mobile initiatives.

Vallejo said, “the combination between two companies like Apple and SAP provides us with solutions for the duel challenges faced in the virtual world today: the predictive analysis of SAP, which allows us to monitor in real time the maintenance of our industrial sites with Apple’s user interface, which, in turn, becomes indispensable to start up applications on any type of mobile device. Undoubtedly, this alliance will have a great effect on our management processes.”

Creative uses of technology like this one have made Cepsa an industry leader in effective mobile transformation. This is just one example of how mobile digital technology is working its way into unexpected industries. Now, everyone is watching to see what other surprises are in store for the future.

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