Messaging Services: Connect, Simplify, And Lead The Last Mile Between Enterprises And Customers

Rohit Tripathi

Digital transformation is making companies rethink their customer engagement and outreach. As one of the most pervasive technologies in use, mobile devices are leading this shift on many fronts. With mobile as the foundation, there are many enablers to choose from, but none are more reliable and entrenched than messaging.

To truly consider the impact of messaging, we need to sit back and take a broader perspective. Messaging is not just SMS – it’s any form of message exchange, such as app to consumer, device to device, or person to person. In fact, mobile messaging can even complement and unify traditional marketing channels to bridge the digital and brick-and-mortar worlds and further personalize services.

Isn’t it time you open up your business to the possibilities of how and where you engage with consumers?

3 examples of the transformative power of messaging services

What was once regarded simply as a form of communication among people (not entities and things), messaging is now being viewed as a powerful way for businesses to connect with their customers. According to a survey conducted by LoudHouse Research, 70% of all consumers view a brand highly when messaging services are offered as an engagement channel. This may include everything from shipping alerts for online orders, delivery alerts, and payment confirmations, to critical service updates on purchases.

When you consider the speed, convenience, and reliability of messaging services, this channel is a natural choice for engaging customers. Here are three examples of how messaging services can bring about digital transformation across the entire business:

1. Streamlined, convenient customer engagement within and across all channels

Customers love experiences that are easy and fluid and make them feel as though they matter to the business. This is where messaging services fit in. By taking customer engagement to the next level, businesses develop customer relationships on a personalized, real-time basis. Capturing information at the point of every interaction provides empirical insight into customer behavior. With this knowledge, you can power intelligent channels that compel customer action and anticipate future purchase needs.

2. Consistent security of digital experience

The one thing that is top of mind for most digitally connected consumers is security. According to a survey conducted by SAP Mobile Services at Mobile World Congress 2016, 66% of consumers are more likely to work with a brand that demonstrates a high level of data security – rating security above convenience and brand reputation. Through the authentication capabilities of messaging services, secure and confident consumer experiences are possible today in the mobile transaction space.

3. Compelling loyalty programs

When you combine transparent customer experiences and outcome-driven engagement in a consistently secure environment, customers are more likely to become loyal to the brand. Messaging services enable businesses to deliver automated loyalty campaigns that are relevant to the customer at the moment of a particular brand experience. By tying together digital interactions – such as social media, mobile apps, and e-commerce sites – with the physical, brick-and-mortar store, the customer is given a well-rounded experience that prompts them to purchase more often.

When it comes to messaging services, the possibilities are endless. As companies continue to reinvent their business models and look for new ways to use technology to support them, there are bound to be new applications for messaging services.

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