How The Digital Economy Is Reinventing The Business World

Paul Clark

Is your industry undergoing a significant digital transformation? If so, you’re not alone. Multiple organizations and entire industries are being forced to re-invent the way they do business, as new competitors come in from left field to disrupt the status quo.

According to the new SAP eBook, The Digital Economy: Reinventing the Business World, companies that don’t adjust to the growing networked economy risk becoming irrelevant in their industry.

Digital technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) are transforming the business world at an astonishing rate. This is creating immense opportunities for companies who are quick to adopt digital innovations, but it’s also causing industry disruption and creating challenges for businesses that are slow to react.

Business leaders who see new competitors move into their traditional markets are driven to make their companies more agile in order to respond. The Digital Economy eBook has useful insights and tips to help business leaders move beyond the digital enterprise, and become successful in the expanding digital economy.

Three pillars of the digital economy

The eBook takes an in-depth look at three pillars of the digital economy:

  1. Real-time business: The pace of business is accelerating quickly and it’s elevating the expectations of everyone involved, from the supplier right to the end customer.
  2. Business innovation: As organizations strive to do business in real time, innovative products, processes, and business models develop. This creates a need for change internally and externally, and makes collaboration vital.
  3. Business agility: What businesses need to do to stay current, responsive, and agile.

Where do you stand in the digital economy?

The speed of business will continue to increase as consumers and people throughout your business ecosystem demand answers in real time. As more and more companies re-invent the way they do business, the speed and efficiency of the digital economy will experience its full potential.

Where does your company or industry stand in the accelerating digital business world?

Find out how your business can produce successful results in the growing digital economy. Download the SAP eBook, The Digital Economy: Reinventing the Business World

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