Avoid Losing Sleep In A Hyper-Competitive World

Harry Blunt

273136_l_srgb_s_glRight now, a competitor is aggressively working at taking business away from you.

They are analyzing your strengths and weaknesses and identifying and segmenting your best industries and customers. They are creating organizational charts for your best clients and identifying decision-makers, business challenges, and key business drivers. They are identifying their internal strengths and developing plans to fulfill account solution whitespace and information knowledge gaps. They are looking at their marketing and sales programs and how and where these programs can be leveraged to engage further with your best customers. They are creating and delivering messages that articulate their unique value so that their words rise and resonate over all the other competing noise, including your company’s voice.

With this competitive feeding frenzy taking place, the natural question that immediately should come to mind is:  “What are we doing that keeps our competitors up at night?”

A good way to start answering that question is to be laser-focused on the issues that are causing sleepless nights for your customers. The key to competing successfully in a hyper-competitive world is to help your clients understand and capitalize on their distinct unique possibilities, and to do so at maximum speed.

Speed is the new competitive differentiator, especially when you marry speed with purposeful execution, guided by unique intelligence. Gone are the days when historical data guides future decisions. Companies need to operate and make smart decisions in real time or risk falling further behind.

Running at speed with unique knowledge is what separates and differentiates the very best enterprises from the “me-too” competitors.

While everyone has access to more data, what separates the best companies from the ordinary is the ability to draw out the unique market and customer insight and then flawlessly execute against that unique insight, every day and at optimal speed.

Companies that consistently run faster with unique market insight keep their customers happy and their competitors up at night.

With technological advancements like the Internet of Things, Big Data, and in-memory computing, a company’s capability to operate at speed with unique intelligence has never been greater. All that is required is the courage to let go of the past and embrace and re-imagine a new future.

I invite you to learn more about embracing this new future by attending one of the upcoming SAP Art of The Possible roadshows. During this series, you will have the opportunity to hear from customers re-imagining their businesses, and to explore the technologies that are helping those companies run faster and smarter.

Harry Blunt

About Harry Blunt

Harry Blunt is the NA Marketing Director for the SAP Extended Supply Chain solution portfolio. The SAP extended supply chain portfolio helps companies run as "Live" digitized businesses while managing critical interdependent business processes from initial product ideas up through product deliveries and services. Incorporating innovations like the Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, and the SAP S/4HANA operating platform, coupled with tightly integrated mobile applications and business networks, we help our customers leverage the capabilities of their entire business ecosystem to obtain greater innovation, stakeholder collaboration, and improved business performance.