Real-Time Real Estate: Building Radar App Beats Space App Camp Competition

Emily Porro

One of the promises of the digital economy is that companies will be able to sense, respond, and predict in real time – essentially becoming live businesses.

This future was a consistent theme for app developers who participated in a competition called Space App Camp, including the winner, Building Radar, which is a satellite-supported search algorithm that enables construction companies to verify leads, track competitors’ next moves, and evaluate new strategic partnerships by providing real-time intelligence on commercial real estate.

Five teams representing Germany, Greece, India, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom were challenged to develop apps on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform that utilize Earth observation data through the Copernicus program, and business data to support the future of retail, construction, agriculture, climate, and farming with a chance to win €5,000 and be considered for the SAP Startup Focus program. The other apps in the competition were:

  • Gaia allows farmers to evaluate the exact conditions of a field to save water, resources, and evaluate risk of disease.
  • Vandersat aids the Dutch government in inspection of agricultural fields in support of the environmental welfare policy of the European Union. The app uses both radar and optical satellite images, enabling inspection of 100% of the fields.
  • WxFusion uses satellite data to provide near real-time thunderstorm detection and forecasting up to one hour in advance for much of the globe, enabling the aviation industry to adapt flight routes and inform pilots of an impending thunderstorm.
  • Weather Logistics uses satellite data to provide timely and reliable weather forecasts that are easily accessible to farmers.

When he received the award at the SAP stand during Mobile World Congress, Building Radar’s managing director Paul Indinger beamed, “We are proud of our technology. As of January we have our first paying customers and we’re excited to scale up.”


Emily Porro

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