Tech Disruptions For 2016

Danielle Beurteaux

If Santa didn’t deliver a drone for Christmas, dry those tears. Drones in 2016 will be better than their 2015 versions and less expensive to boot. They’re one of several technologies that will be refined in 2016. In fact, the key word for 2016 seems to be improvement – better connections, better charging, better operation. Not all of these will be consumer-ready right away, but they do give a good idea of where the focus and resources are being concentrated. Here’s an idea of what to expect.

Device mesh

Gartner is saying 2016 will be the year the “device mesh” happens. That’s the system by which Internet of Things-enabled devices, wearables, mobile, and the like will be able to communicate with each other.


The big CES show in Las Vegas is happening in January, and they’ve got a list of what they expect will be the big stand-outs of the show. Automotive will be big: Faraday Future’s concept car is there, BMW is showing off its AirTouch technology, which allows drivers to control some car features with waves of the hand, and Toyota has its self-driving, highly data-enabled car technology for viewing.

Wireless charging

So much of our current technology hasn’t yet been able to cut the charging cord, but 2016 could be the year of some advances in wireless charging. Several companies are working on different ways of lessening our dependency on cables.

Messaging beyond messages

Facebook and Google will both enable messaging apps to go beyond sending just a message – they’re ramping up to become virtual assistants that can text your friends and take care of a little business at the same time.

Drone improvements

Qualcomm has its newest drone technology at CES, which includes improvements in battery power, camera technology, and obstacle avoidance. The company says it expects the price of drones to decrease significantly this year.

Wearables with more

Samsung’s new processor aimed at the tech wearables market can take more measurements, including body fat and skin temperature, and process the results. An as-yet-unnamed company will reportedly release a new product using the processor in the first quarter of 2016.

5G wireless

Verizon will be testing 5G wireless technology in 2016. 5G promises faster speeds and will hopefully be released in time for the coming avalanche of Internet of Things devices.

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Danielle Beurteaux

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