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Runner passes the baton to another runner during a relay race

Insurance Intermediaries: Dying Reality Or Requiring Attention?

20-Nov-2019 | Jane Disney

Reports of the death of the intermediaries are greatly exaggerated – so let’s invest to get the best from them.

People walk through a digital representation of a mountainscape

Overcoming The Buzzword Bias By Making Innovation A Reality

20-Nov-2019 | Twan van den Broek

To overcome the buzzword stigma around digital innovation, SAP's experience center makes innovation tangible, practical, and real.

sunflower grows in an field of lavendar

Human-Centered Innovation: Find Your Way Out Of The Proof-Of-Concept Trap

18-Nov-2019 | Ben Gilchriest

As innovation processes and strategies continue to mature, businesses are beginning to realize the importance of people.

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How Today’s Robotic Processes Will Spark Tomorrow’s Digi
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