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People Transformation: A Matter Of Trust For Growing Companies

14-Mar-2019 | Stephen Spears

Exercising empathy lets business leaders position their workforce for transformation that makes sense – and invest in technology that enables it.

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End-To-End Processes In The Cloud: The Future Is Coming

12-Mar-2019 | Judy Cubiss

New processes will continue to evolve, and having end-to-end processes in the cloud will enable manufacturers to support digitalization effectively.

circular economy, resources, sustainability, GDP

The Great Big Misunderstanding Behind Economic Growth

11-Mar-2019 | Christopher Koch and Will Ritzrau

Current ways of measuring economic growth miss the business opportunity in the circular economy.

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How 4D Printing Will Shift the Shape of Manufacturing
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4D Printing: Self-Assemble, Self-Shape, Self-Repair
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Threat and Opportunity: Blockchain’s Hunger for Power
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