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It’s Not “If,” But When: GDPR And Banking In America

22-Jun-2018 | Lance Senoyuit

European-style data-protection policies are likely coming to the U.S., and wise banks are revamping their privacy policies now to reap extra benefits for themselves and customers.

retail, digital strategy, digital transformation, big data, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence

The Mother Of All Retail Fundamentals For 2018 And Beyond

13-Jun-2018 | Chong Mock Seng

Retailers must address the same, old core fundamentals – value, experience, and convenience – even in the era of Big Data, analytics, and artificial intelligence.

small and midsize business, SMB, wholesale distribution, manufacturing, supply chain

How Smaller Wholesalers Can Tip The “Direct-to-Consumer Effect” In Their Favor

13-Jun-2018 | Karen Lynch

As retailers and manufacturers cut the middleman from their supply chains, small and midsize distributors need to reinsert themselves into the customer experience by reshaping the value chain; reimagining operational processes; and enabling compelling, value-added business models.

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