Transforming Business Through Effective Campaign Management Tools

Desmond Chong

In the world of digital transformation, communication remains the key to customer engagement. Customers can be reached through various means, such as Google ads, Facebook ads, official accounts, email newsletters, SEO, and other social media postings.

Reaching out to customers is always challenging, as there are many different ways to engage customers. Most enterprises already have CRM tools, which they use as simple campaign-creation tools to communicate information to their valued customers. Most users require these tools to be easy to use and functional. Getting a full-fledged CRM add-on with good campaign management features may drive costs up beyond what businesses can afford.

Campaign management tools have always been very effective in making campaign creation easy. They can get the job done without needing to enter a single programming code, delivering content straight to customers through established communication channels, such as email and SMS.

With growing demand for better-integrated solutions to create and monitor campaigns, a good campaign-management tool will help ensure that the right content is delivered, real-time feedback on the status of the campaign is received, and, most importantly, the user interface is easy to use.

Getting the right content to your customers, ensuring delivery within the specified timeframe, and receiving real-time feedback and reporting enable you to focus on what content to create and who to engage. Instead of spending time figuring out how certain functions or features work, you can put time into the more valuable task of building the best pitch for customers.

Choosing the right campaign management tool, one that ensures your content is delivered through the best channels, will help ensure the success of your customer engagement and drive business transformation.

How to choose the right campaign tools

The key criteria in selecting an effective campaign management tool are: the simplicity of the user interface, the campaign management features (e.g., management of subscriber list, opt-in/opt-out), template creation, and, most importantly, the ability to send through several channels easily.

Real-time campaign reporting and status updates will ensure instant feedback on the campaign’s progress and performance. In addition, the campaign management tool should provide prompt updates to meet current and future needs.

There are many other specifics regarding how a campaign management tool can help you, and choosing the one that best fits your requirements helps to optimize customer engagement.

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Desmond Chong

About Desmond Chong

Desmond Chong is the Product Owner for Enterprise Messaging in SAP Digital Interconnect. Desmond is passionate about helping enterprise customers to reach the last mile of their engagement with their customers. Prior to SAP, Desmond led the product portfolio on Postpaid and Prepaid with a local mobile operator in Singapore for more than 8 years.