Instagram Phenomenon In Digital Marketing

Melissa Burns

Social media has changed the way we communicate with each other, including how businesses communicate with their target audience. The popularity of these platforms has rapidly made social media, in general, an essential tool for marketers across industries. However, one social media platform has completely changed the world of digital marketing because of its influence on both customers and brands: Instagram.

In the last few years, Instagram has created new sub-genres, careers, and businesses and revolutionized the way people see businesses. Instagram is a strong force that marketers can’t afford to ignore anymore. Following are some of the many ways Instagram has influenced the landscape of marketing and modern customer behavior.

Increasing visual marketing efforts

Due to the power of Instagram, businesses are increasingly investing in visual marketing. After all, there are 500 million daily active users on Instagram. After a trial run, marketers quickly realize how much potential lies in the platform and are determined to implement it in their marketing strategies. On Instagram, a message’s visual impact is much stronger than any other sense. Therefore, businesses are producing their own visuals to engage their followers, from photos of their employees to images of their products in different situations. Thanks to Instagram, companies are becoming more creative with their approach to visual marketing.

Creating more video content

As part of their increasing focus on visual content, marketers are creating more videos. Instagram’s relatively new video feature is still growing in popularity with personal and business users. Businesses are releasing captivating and shareable videos they create mostly in-house. This isn’t at all surprising, as video and social media are two of the marketing tools that bring the best results. When you combine them, you have a new way to draw the attention of your customers and prospects and build long-lasting, meaningful relationships with them.

Generating feedback is increasingly important

Feedback has always been important for marketers, but with a social media platform like Instagram, feedback is crucial. Your audience’s reaction to your content is visible to everyone and, therefore, can have a significant impact on your online reputation. From how many likes your Instagram profile has to how many people like and comment on your photos or videos, everything matters to your audience. That’s why some businesses are buying Instagram likes to increase their numbers and reach a wider audience. The bigger your audience, the higher your chances of converting more followers into customers.

Increasing interaction with your target audience

Instagram encourages companies to engage more closely with their target audience. If you don’t get to know your audience and understand their needs, desires, and pains, it will be harder for you to know what products they need. That’s why interacting with customers and prospects has always been important for brands, but Instagram makes it easier and more efficient. For example, many companies run photo contests that encourage customers to share photos of the products, organize Q & As, and so on. These techniques help businesses engage their target audience, increase brand awareness, and start new customer journeys.

Changing content consumption

Not only have Instagram and other social media changed the types of content customers and products consume, but they’ve also altered the way they consume the content you create for them. Because social media platforms make sharing content easy, users are overwhelmed with the large volume of posts from people and businesses they know and don’t know. To cut through the noise, businesses are creating bite-size (or “snackable”) content to stand out in the feed. Today’s customers don’t want heavy content that takes an hour to consume; they want something interesting that will entertain them for a minute or two. Providing that can have endless benefits for your company.


Instagram will continue to shape marketing. After all, that’s where almost every customer and prospect is, and engaging them on this platform is crucial to achieving great digital marketing results. Pay attention to how other brands in your industry are using Instagram, and find your own way to interact with your audience and encourage them to purchase your products or services.

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Melissa Burns

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