Digital Selling: What's In Your Toolbox?

Arif Johari

“Technology can make salespeople more effective and efficient if you know what tools to use.” -Triblio

The future is now: Video

Video no longer represents the future of social branding – it is where companies and individuals need to be today to stand out and make the biggest impact.

The great thing about video is that it is the next best thing to being there. It enables you to deliver relatively comprehensive communication and engage with people on a much deeper emotional level.

Factors like bandwidth and access to video cameras are no longer impediments. Today, the only barrier that limits companies from fully using video as a digital selling tool is people. Many folks are still not used to it and are nervous about being in front of a video camera and getting the right message out there.

How do you a really great video that will elevate your personal or corporate brand?

Step one is to ask yourself: Is what I am talking about valuable to my target audience?

To deliver value, your approach to video should be: I have something to say that is going to be interesting, captivating, and valuable to the people I need to influence.

If you can tick that box, then you are already heading down the right path. Next, make sure you have the right lighting, good audio, and simple editing using tools such as Videolicious to make the video consumable.

I predict that future workplaces will be built with video in mind. Cubicles, offices, and other environments will have the right kind of lighting, background, and acoustics to let people create videos at a moment’s notice. In addition, virtual studios, where employees can produce fun, high-quality videos and host meetings, will become the norm.

What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of live and pre-recorded videos?

Live video is great when you want real-life interaction and to see what is happening right now. Pre-recorded videos have a longer shelf life and are often more polished. Consider how you can best achieve the right mix for whatever your objective is.

Corporate social sharing responsibility

The most common objection to digital selling is “I just don’t have time. I have a full-time job and eight million things on my to-do list – how am I also going to be a social representative of this organization?”

Social media spreads exponentially the energy you bring to it, so it is important to have a comprehensive content strategy to distribute content effectively. For example, Grapevine6 can help you populate content that resonates with prospects or customers. Keep in mind, however, that with tools like Grapevine6, there’s a risk that you’ll be sharing the same content as others. If your content is not unique, your customers may feel bombarded.

Every individual or organization has a responsibility when it comes to social sharing: to tell your audience why it is valuable or to add something unique that makes it even more valuable. Say “Pay close attention to paragraph three because that is where the value is,” or “The only thing the author left out was X.” It would be helpful to own that content more than the original offer.

I’ve received a lot of constructive suggestions on how to make sure I am sending out positive messaging and in turn receiving positive feedback. My mantra? Take risks, fail fast, and ask as many questions as possible.

Top salespeople know how to grow revenue potential, exceed quotas, prospect efficiently, and maintain a robust pipeline by following each social network’s etiquette rules. Learn more – listen to Social Sellers Playbook: Top 5 Do’s And Don’t Do’s on Coffee Break with Game-Changers, hosted by Bonnie D. Graham.

Arif Johari

About Arif Johari

He is a Communications lead, Digital Marketing generalist, and Digital Selling (Social Selling) advocate. He enables marketing and sales employees in Digital Selling so that they’d leverage social media as a leads-generation tool. He is responsible for executing innovative marketing strategies to increase engagement in social media, customer community, and landing pages through content, events, and multivariate testing. He is passionate in making the work processes of the marketing and sales team more efficient, so that they can generate more revenue in a shorter time.