Meet 2019 Goals With Online Software Knowledge Platforms

Katrin Guenter

Another year has arrived along with a fresh round of resolutions and plans.

When I talk to clients, most people say they want to drive better business outcomes than they did last year. That’s admirable. But in my business, enterprise software, it’s often not enough.

For organizations that intend to implement new software or hope to optimize an existing deployment, plans can only accomplish so much. You need to look beyond IT tasks, ensuring that the vision for the software is communicated and embraced by the entire team of stakeholders. Efforts such as change management, process optimization, project team assignments, and defining measurements of success must be addressed proactively and continuously throughout the organization.

After that, success depends primarily on project execution and solution adoption. That may seem obvious: if you want the project to succeed, you need to implement and deploy the software correctly. Yet the number of enterprises that struggle – and sometimes lose their way – during the execution or adoption stages is surprisingly high.

Expert-verified guidance

Where do software projects go wrong? How does a well-planned and documented implementation deliver less-than-ideal results? In too many cases, project teams are missing the guidance and enablement support that make all the difference.

That’s why I always recommend that clients choose software vendors and solutions that offer expert knowledge. Implementation and adoption best practices should be easily accessible and centrally sourced from real-world projects. This content needs to be developed and carefully curated by service team experts and implementation partners to unlock the full power of experience throughout your deployment.

Field-tested expertise can provide the proven tactics and strategies that help you efficiently adopt, grow, or expand your solution through verified implementation tips and tricks as well as scenario- and solution-based information. Business guidance that supports strategy development, change management, and transformation is also essential.

Searching information according to the unique combination of solutions that are deployed in your enterprise is essential, so you can quickly read and share content, download information, comment on content, and ask questions. And, of course, seek advice for every stage of your solution lifecycle.

Maximum solution value

Solutions with sophisticated enablement and support features can help project teams avoid pitfalls and accelerate time to value. Knowledge platforms can help optimize your solution value and increase your team’s focus on solution planning, deployment, integration, and optimization.

With proven tactics and strategies developed by experts, the latest generation of knowledge platforms can make the difference between an implementation and a deployment that creates a foundation for durable business success. It’s hard to imagine a more worthwhile goal for 2019.

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Katrin Guenter

About Katrin Guenter

Katrin Guenter is Head of SAP Customer Experience Success & Services at SAP Customer Experience. As a member of the SAP Customer Experience leadership team, Katrin has the overall responsibility for teams and programs around Customer Success, Services, Training and Digital Enablement. Ensuring that customers achieve their goals and maximize their SAP solutions on their innovation & business transformation journey is at the heart of what her teams do. Katrin joined SAP through the hybris acquisition in 2013, and has been a key driver for the business in various roles since the early days in 1999.