Machine Learning Is Changing How Google Analyzes Websites

Kevin Gardner

If you are in the SEO world, you know how much the industry has changed in the last decade. This is especially true of the last few years, where massive penalties have been applied that may cause a site to lose rankings and ultimately lose out on sales, visits, and influence.

To counter this, you need a deeper understanding of how Google is analyzing websites today. Here is how machine learning is changing the game.

Human-focused content

Google wants people who are visiting your page to have a better experience. This makes them more likely to trust Google to bring them what they are looking for in the first place. As a result, Google gets more eyeballs and thus advertising dollars.

Understand that if your content is not produced with people in mind, you will suffer the consequences. Google’s new artificial intelligence determines how easy your site is to read, how often people stay on it, and how much they interact with it. If it thinks you’re creating content for machines, it will treat your page like it.

Keyword spamming

Long gone are the days where you simply picked a few keywords and stuffed them everywhere in your content. In today’s world, machine learning is much smarter than that. It can pick up spamming and won’t rank you as high as a result.

If you really want to get ahead of the game, choose a few major keywords. Use each one a maximum of three times. Spread them out in your titles, headlines, paragraphs, and other locations. That way, you’re still being relevant for your searchers but not going overboard.


New machine learning algorithms are looking at images in a whole new way. In the past, marketers thought they could get past the gatekeepers by tagging images with keywords. That won’t work any longer.

Now, programs will iterate through your images. They will compare them to a database of other images. If they detect your content is not what you say it is, be prepared to lose a ranking position or two.

Social Web and “SEO juice”

One of the reasons a link-building company is so valuable today is how much machine learning is changing Google’s link profiles. They used to look at how many links you had by using a program that crawled your backlinks.

Today, they focus on the quality of the links. Furthermore, social media links are becoming a bigger part of the algorithm. That means your social media game needs to be top notch.

Marketing information

Like most marketers, you probably have Google Analytics installed. However, if you collect certain personally identifying information, the AI will detect it. This is against Google’s policy now, thanks to sweeping laws in many nations.

To be on the safe side, focus on acquiring personal information away from Google. Do it on your own email list. That way, you are not violating Google’s policies and won’t risk getting demoted in the results in your niche.

Getting your site ranked higher in Google can be one of the most powerful things your company can do. However, you need to have the right strategy. Without the right approach, you could lose business, visitors, and more. Don’t put your brand in a tough position. Make smart moves based on what Google wants to see and how its machine learning is designed. Then enjoy more profits and peace of mind.

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