Digital Content Marketing Trends To Grow Your Business

Melissa Burns

Content marketing is the next big thing in the sphere of digital marketing, there is no doubt about that. It is everywhere – no less than 86% of businesses use it in some form. However, the percentage of those who use it effectively is much lower. If you want to join their ranks, read on and learn about digital content marketing trends that will help your business grow.

1. Remarketing is on the rise

Remarketing means showing advertisements to people who have visited your website as they surf the web. Businesses are pumping more and more money into remarketing because the likelihood of conversion increases every additional time a potential customer sees your ad. Click-through rates will decrease after a while, but those who click the ad after seeing it a few times are much more likely to convert than those who see it only once. Today, remarketing is one of the major forces driving digital lead generation.

2. Guest posts still work like a charm

Guest posting – paying sites to write posts for their blog to boost rankings – is one of the most effective and efficient types of content marketing. It works very well – if you approach the choice of target blogs seriously. The website should have both a better domain authority and a similar audience to your site. Blogging will bring you traffic as well – eventually. However, guest posting on industry expert websites will do it much faster, while at the same time establishing your position as a specialist.

3. Personalization grows more and more ubiquitous

Complete personalization is the holy grail of digital marketing, and it seems that we are getting closer to it. Perhaps we still haven’t reached the stage of true one-on-one marketing, but there are already many ways to give the customer the impression that you are talking directly to them. Addressing your customers by name and providing recommendations based on the history of their purchases are just the beginning. A full 94% of in-house marketers see personalization as a critical element of digital marketing, crucial for overall success.

Start by collecting basic information about your customers, such as names, emails, and preferences – they will usually give that data in exchange for useful content, such as an e-book. Then run a lead-nurturing campaign offering more valuable digital content in exchange for more data – which, in turn, can be used for personalization purposes.

4. The share of voice search is growing

Google reported that the share of voice search is as high as 20% percent and growing rapidly. Even more important, 71% of young (age 18-29 years) people already use voice search, and these people are your future customers. This shows that we are quickly moving into the world of mostly screen-less search, and as we speak very differently from the way we read and write, digital content will have to adapt. To ride the trend, you will have to preference full-sentence questions and answers instead of providing the same information broken down into several smaller sentences.

5. More shorter, visually rich content

The average length of a blog post has been steadily growing over the years, for a good reason – longer posts provide better search results. However, this situation is likely to change, especially if your target audience consists primarily of millennials. There are many reasons for that. First, they simply have shorter attention spans than older people. Second, they heavily prefer finding content through social media and short-form content. Third, they like their content to be consumable in one go and rich with visuals. Long-form posts will not disappear, but they are very likely to become fewer.

Any business owner or marketer willing to stay ahead of the game should pay attention to these changing trends in digital content marketing.

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Melissa Burns

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