Boost Your Sales With The Cloud

Jennifer Horowitz

Given the pressures and complexities of today’s business world, it’s time to up your sales performance and recognize how the cloud can give you an advantage.

Digital business is 2018 — what has changed and what is at stake? Sales teams are engaging customers earlier, working harder, delivering more, and accelerating to close more deals. Customers have the power to research online, and decisions are being made before they even speak to a sales team member. Sales professionals are moving beyond yesterday’s sales models and the accompanying friction in marketing and sales, data inconsistencies, poor lead quality, and low conversion rates.

Most organizations are embracing digital transformation to keep up with the pace of technology and, more importantly, business demands. Digital transformation is becoming the focus of the CEO’s corporate strategy this year, with objectives to provide agile data that can meet real-time needs of how customers make purchases. It is crucial for sales representatives to be able to execute three main criteria:

  • Greater sales volume and efficiency
  • Intelligence-based selling
  • Customer transparency

Winning sales with the cloud

Sales executives and organizations can win by taking a forward-thinking approach to business. Cloud capabilities deliver a consistently positive customer experience for all sales channels. A complete cloud solution enables sales teams to shorten sales cycles, leverage the cloud for selling visually, reach quotas more quickly, accelerate the pace of sales with automated lead management, and utilize data-driven engagement.

The results

Moving to the cloud can also boost motivation within the sales team and lead to greater revenue. Today’s cloud is becoming increasingly secure, cost-efficient, and functional and is a sure way to boost the sales funnel. A customized solution can boost sales numbers. The right cloud partner can offer hybrid strategies that can eventually transform to a multi-cloud environment.

Integrate the cloud today

Leveraging cloud solutions offer many advantages. Worldwide spending on public cloud services and infrastructure is forecast to reach $160 billion in 2018, with Software as a service (SaaS) remaining the largest cloud category accounting for almost two-thirds of all public cloud spending this year, according to IDC. Make sure your organization keeps up the pace and has comprehensive cloud capabilities and a cloud solution.

Don’t get left behind!

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Jennifer Horowitz

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