This Is the Dawning Of The Age Of The … Webinerd?

Fred Isbell

On a recent flight home from San Francisco, I was reminded of the first time I traveled to this amazing city. The year was 1968, and it was near the end of an epic three-week family summer adventure. The brightest memory of that journey included a tour of San Francisco. It was just after the Summer of Love and during the height of popularity for the musical Hair. This was the year where “this is the dawning of the age of Aquarius” was forever etched into my consciousness as I walked in this awe-inspiring place among the “flower children.”

Fast forward 50 years. I’m no longer that small boy. In fact, even my own kids are now in their 20s – the same age as many of the people I saw during that magical visit to San Francisco a half-century ago. I’ve been back many times since that trip. But knowing I would face a homecoming of a foot-and-a-half of snow and no power or heat, I felt sad about heading back East after such a great event.

This year, I came to San Francisco to attend and speak at ON24 Webinar World 2018. I was very fortunate to be the SAP keynote at the inaugural Webinar World 2017 event, along with my good friend and SAP colleague Scott Feldman. Last year we had fun noting that 500 people had traveled to a physical event about virtual webinars – but this year, the audience grew to over 1,000 people. I hosted a breakout session on “The Art & Science of Modern Marketing: Three Key Best Practices for the Journey,” which focused on three modern marketing topics: thought leadership, the modern webinar, and performance management and analytics.



During the conference, ON24 gave out T-shirts with #webinerd prominently displayed. Many attendees proudly wore those shirts during the two-day event. Although you will hear more from me about this event, I’ll say that there was as much love and passion in the air (albeit for digital marketing and modern webinars) at ON24 Webinar World 2018 as there was in the Summer of Love. It’s truly a special time when people aligned around a common purpose all converge and share insights, best practices, and, yes, the love of what they do. This event was a celebration of modern marketing, the rise of digital marketing fueled by a demand-generation platform, data-driven marketing, and authentic real-time insights.

So if anyone asks: Yes! We are experiencing the dawning of the age the Webinerd. And with it, we are in the midst of a fascinating evolution of modern marketing fueled by digitalization and marketing technology (MarTech).

Check out the social media coverage of Webinar World 2018 I tweeted during this amazing couple of days.

Special thanks to ON24 and everyone who attended Webinar World 2018 for this fantastic experience and inspiring this blog.

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