E-Mail Marketing: Four Ways For Small Businesses To Leverage Social Media

Aaron Solomon

Most small businesses focus their digital marketing on e-mail and social media campaigns. It’s easy to think of these as completely separate channels that require completely different approaches, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Your social media can be integrated with your e-mail marketing to boost your online presence and visibility.

How does this work? Different customers respond to different types of messaging, so by integrating these two digital marketing channels, you can provide options for customers to select their preferred type of messaging. Read on for four few quick tips to get started.

Add social media buttons to your e-mail template

Most e-mail marketing platforms provide templates for use in your e-mails. For example, MailChimp offers templates that allow you to include social media “buttons” in your emails. Adding buttons that link to your social media accounts is a quick way to ensure your customers can easily find and follow you on social media. Including social media buttons in your standard email template also increases your professional image by showcasing to your customers how active you are online.

Use your social media content as your e-mail content

Consider sending e-mails that include your business’s social media content with links to social media posts. Don’t forget to include a call to action encouraging recipients to follow your social media accounts, retweet, or share the post.

Give customers options

Just as you prompt your e-mail readers to follow you on social media, you can use social media posts and profiles to prompt social media users to subscribe to your e-mail marketing. For example, let them know that you offer interesting, informative content on a weekly basis and that e-mail may be the best way to receive that content. Again, different customers respond to different types of messaging, so providing options allows them to select how they want to hear from you.

Coordinate your marketing calendar

Your e-mail and social media marketing efforts should complement each other, not rehash the same information. Getting the same information multiple times a day via different platforms will be less effective and can lead to customer burn-out.

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