How To Micro-Personalize Customer Experiences

Kevin Harris

The most successful small and midsize businesses are known for creating unique relationships with their customers that entice them to purchase and give them a reason to return. Competitive advantage, a continuous stream of sales and revenue opportunities, and customer loyalty are benefits of a great customer experience. But it doesn’t take an enormous sweeping change to achieve these—the small magical moments that result from everyday opportunities often matter most to customers.

Suppose you have a ritual of purchasing a cup of coffee at your neighborhood cafe every day at 7 a.m. During each visit, you’re greeted by name as an old friend, and your order—complete with the right amount of cream and sugar on the side—is ready and waiting for you. What a feel-good way to start your day! This experience is created just for you, built on a series of micro-engagements.

But there’s a problem: As the business expands, it becomes harder to maintain such experiences, especially across all store chains and channels. According to the IDC InfoBrief “Improving Customer Experience: The Competitive Imperative for Small and Midsize Companies Worldwide,” sponsored by SAP, 28.3% of small businesses and 33.9% of midsize firms cite delivering a consistent customer experience across multiple communication channels as a major challenge, compared to 52.6% of large enterprises.

It’s important to stay focused on the loyal customers who helped grow your business from the beginning. Check out the infographic below to learn how your business can maintain a personalized customer experience as it continues to grow.

Small and Midsize Business Keep the Personal Touch

To learn how your business can better prepare for the digital economy, check out the IDC InfoBrief, “Improving Customer Experience: The Competitive Imperative for Small and Medium Businesses Worldwide,” sponsored by SAP. 

Kevin Harris

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