Adventures In Marketing: Choosing Customer Engagement Tech

Bernard Chung

Thinking about implementing a new marketing solution to better engage your customers? When implemented properly, digital marketing solutions can help you target and engage your customers. However, just like a brand-new car, your solution isn’t meant to be kept in the garage; it is meant to be driven.

When choosing the right customer engagement tech for your needs, it’s important to evaluate the capabilities you’re planning to take out on the road. For the biggest impact, here are four key questions that you should ask yourself when selecting marketing tech for your company.

 What will help you know your customers?

While focusing on ways to engage their customers, marketers don’t always spend sufficient time and effort thinking about how to identify who those customers are. Knowing your audience is key.

Bernard Chung

About Bernard Chung

Bernard Chung is Head of Audience Marketing for Marketing Line of Business at SAP Hybris.