Mobile Marketing: What It Is And Why It Matters

Haresh Pansuriya

The mobile market is the segment of the online market that is cornered by mobile phones, and mobile marketing involves development and use of content and apps for the mobile market. As more consumers use their mobile phones to shop for goods and services, this area is becoming increasingly important.

Shopping on mobile phones: a growing trend

Mobile phone users have outnumbered desktop users in the U.S. since 2014, and according to some projections, at least $163 billion will be generated by mobile (which includes any handheld device that connects to the Internet) shoppers by year’s end.

Here are some tips to help your business succeed in the mobile market.

Optimize your shopping site for mobile

First, make your content mobile-friendly: short and pithy rather than wordy and drawn out. Edit your headlines so users can read them at a glance—no swiping required.

Optimizing for mobile search engines is essential. Even desktop users will often use their phones to get an URL or check a website before they log in and place their order, but mobile phones are more convenient for many users, so be sure to search-optimize for mobile phones. Shoppers who search for products using their mobile phone will likely take advice from other mobile phone users over desktop users.

While some online entrepreneurs might not seriously consider SMS marketing, keep in mind that most of us check our phones at least once every hour, and messages that catch our attention can influence us. Broad adoption of this approach will take time, but chances are it will catch on.

Adapting to the online mobile market

To date, only 10% of online stores have adapted their shopping websites to accommodate mobile users, but this is changing rapidly. Forward-thinking companies that understand the significance of the mobile market are focusing on creating optimized shopping sites that offer a clear, efficient customer experience for mobile shoppers.

Why is this important? Websites that are not optimized for mobile use can discourage shoppers, who prefer to shop at sites that are clear, efficient, and easy to navigate.

New mobile capabilities

Today, the mobile market is being driven by new features that enhance user interaction. One example is location-based services (LBS), which enable marketers to track a mobile user’s precise position (but only if the user grants permission to collect and use the information).

Another example is the use of barcodes, which can provide a wealth of information. Most smartphones today include scanners to scan QR codes and documents, and this allows entrepreneurs a direct way to interact with customers.

The fast-changing world of mobile technology brings exciting possibilities. Focusing on the mobile user market and offering a top customer experience is essential to grow your business.

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Haresh Pansuriya

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