CRM Targets Growth For Women's Hunting Apparel Startup

Michael Kure

If Wonder Woman can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the likes of Superman and Batman and express her strength and skill while dressed in feminine gear, why can’t women who enjoy the outdoor sport of hunting also wear what they want? Historically, hunting apparel for women has offered few fashionable, feminine options—often leaving women to sport the same drab gear worn by men.

Enter Mary Hagen, aka “The Huntress,” the 25-year-old CEO of Hagen Hunting with the answer.

Arizona-based Hagen Hunting, a small business with fewer than 20 employees, was founded in 2013 with the goal of selling outdoor hunting apparel designed specifically for women. Amazingly, up until then, female hunters had no option but to buy and wear men’s apparel. As The Huntress herself put it, “The problem that I’m solving…is the lack of effective outdoor apparel for women. And women are out there wearing men’s gear as a solution. That’s just not acceptable.”

Today, Hagen Hunting is the only retailer in the United States offering a solely female-designed outdoor clothing line. The apparel is specifically structured to fit a woman’s body, ensuring practicality for outdoor use. Since its launch, the company has released the first and only digital camouflage women’s wear in the country, featuring a unique camo design with feminine appeal.

Starting from scratch

Hagen, who is an experienced bow hunter, jumped into retail fashion and apparel with no knowledge of the business or the industry. However, the brand saw instant success, and Hagen Hunting needed to keep up with the immediate high demand.

But how could such a small team manage and grow the business efficiently? For Hagen, communicating with customers and prospects and understanding their needs proved difficult. And because many of Hagen’s products were distributed as giveaways, sold online, and discounted at trade shows, it was difficult to track where the inventory went, and at what price.

The huntress: A natural-born entrepreneur

However, Hagen is no stranger to technology. In fact, she also founded a small software business, and it was through that company that she tried to build her own home-grown CRM solution for Hagen Hunting.

Unfortunately, the solution Hagen built did not provide all-encompassing business support. It was after researching other CRM options that Hagen learned of SAP’s commitment to small business success. “I knew I needed a software solution that was going to handle my communication, my inventory, my customers, and my marketing,“  Hagen said. “I knew I needed a one-stop shop for it.”

Admittedly, she was worried about cost, but the company found a solution that is made specifically for small business, and it proved to be very affordable—a major selling point, as Hagen Hunting had limited resources. The consulting and customer service teams reinforced her decision. Says Hagen, “I have never had a service that was so tuned to what I needed.”

Current and continued success

With her new integrated e-commerce solution, Hagen Hunting is easily tracking inventory and customer experience, allowing the business to focus on innovation and mastering its sector of the industry.

Since implementation, inventory management has improved most of all. Hagen now has more time to focus on customers, the buying experience, and growing her business without constraints.

The software solution alone out of the box solved so many problems for a young or small to medium sized business. It does so many things for you that you can’t do for yourself effectively. As my company grows and develops and changes…I feel confident that I could rely on the technology and services team to help me improve on all those things.”— Mary Hagen, CEO, Hagen Hunting

What’s next?

Hagen’s future is bright. She is optimistic and confident that her small business will continue to be a big, positive, and female-friendly influence on the outdoor gear and hunting industry. And as her company develops, changes, and pivots to accommodate market demand, Hagen is equally confident that she can scale growth, improve, and succeed as the preeminent producer of women’s outdoor hunting gear.

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