Programmatic And Data-Driven Creative For Successful Digital Advertising

Andre Smith

All companies want to spend their marketing resources as efficiently as possible. That’s why programmatic advertising has become the star of field-related articles, blog posts, and conferences. By 2018, programmatic is estimated to reach 80% of marketing spend.

A new technique now combines programmatic with data-driven creative, and several companies have partnered to develop data-driven creative ad campaigns that aim to reveal effective new strategies. DoubleClick, a subsidiary of Google that provides Internet ad-serving services, worked on this project with Fancy Pants Group, a digital creative studio, and Accenture, a consulting company. Together they created experimental campaigns for real brands that had large amounts of data about their targeted consumers in order to find the best strategies for data-driven creative campaigns. They discovered three important steps for an efficient workflow:

Explore sources of data

The first step is to explore all sources of relevant data that can influence creative options. Besides market research and customer relationship management reports, you can analyze information from the company’s website and social media accounts, such as most popular products and details about the audience. Also, knowing the insights of a campaign, such as the most-accessed media type, most common device type, and where these come from is also essential for smart data-driven campaigns.

A good example is a campaign by L’Oreal from last summer, which focused on two sunscreen products, one for women and one for children. The company used audience-targeting lists to approach women both with and without kids, and the data helped them reach the right consumers at the right time.

Tackle the creative part early

The creative agency can use data to come up with better solutions for the desired group of consumers; however, they need to unify the campaign process from the beginning, before making major decisions regarding the media strategy. Programmatic advertising works if all involved collaborators have access to the available data.

Another example of strategy is the one implemented for Gilt, a clothing company. To cleverly advertise their merchandise groups (women, men, kids, furniture), they provided the creative team with the most efficient keywords from their DoubleClick campaigns. The agency used their insights to improve the designs for each category.

Communication is the path to success

Usually, when a campaign is in process, each department provides its work to the others and feedback is minimal. For relevant data-driven campaigns, introduce early the media agency, the creative agency, and the production company so all three can go through the data and find the optimal strategy by collaborating end exchanging ideas.

For example, when Royal Bank of Canada wanted to promote a premium credit card among Canadian travel enthusiasts, their marketing team partnered with Accenture, Fancy Pants Group, and the Initiative’s media buying team and discovered a pattern of product benefit messages. The most successful one was “no seat restrictions,” which achieved a performance uptick of 28% in conversion.

New solutions are being researched to combine automatic buying with other elements to optimize digital advertising campaigns. Marketers consider a good creative method one that balances obtained information with emotion to really appeal to the target audience. But automatic buying adds more data to the strategy, so if you are considering programmatic advertising, be sure to factor extra campaign preparation and strong collaboration between all parties involved in its development.

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