Marketing To An Audience Of One: Personalizing My Flavor Profile

Carol Mackenzie

It’s Sunday afternoon, my usual time for the weekly grocery shop. Yes, in person in an actual store. (I buy non-perishables online but still prefer choosing my own meat and fruit.) I have in hand coupons that have been personalized for me, and I’ve dutifully used my Cozi app to organize what I need based on the layout of the store. This is not my favorite task of the week, so I try to be efficient – get in, get it done!

I look closer at the coupons I dug out of my purse. Were these really meant for me? I see there are coupons for several products that I have never bought and don’t have any interest in. As I push the cart around the store, I think further about personalization for groceries. Why can’t it be more like personalized, digitized music, eBooks, even the promotions pushed to me on Facebook? Shouldn’t what I like to eat – the tastes I prefer – drive what retailers and consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers suggest for me to buy?

I get home, pull out the iPad, do a bit of research (glass of vino in hand; it is Sunday afternoon after all), and discover that 87% of food shoppers say taste is the most important driver for selection, according to a 2016 survey of American consumers by the International Food Information Council Foundation. Like me, 59% of shoppers want more personalization. Clearly, I am not alone in my reflections.

What if my taste preferences could drive personalized recipe recommendations, personalize the retail and CPG manufacturers websites I visit, and improve the promotions pushed to me? According to my research, it turns out there is a way to actually “fingerprint” your taste profile using new digital technologies. By answering a few simple questions on foods I prefer, my own “flavorprint” is quickly developed. Based on machine learning and food science, this innovative approach is adding the all-important (yet long-neglected) taste dimension to consumer profiles.

There are clear benefits to this technology, whether you are a grocery shopper, an R&D expert at a CPG company, or a brand manager seeking the next level of personalization. To hear more of the story, come check out our demo theater session, “Build brand loyalty with precision targeting based on flavor preferences,” at SAPPHIRE NOW on May 18th at 4:00pm (session #IN 43493). #sapphirenow2017

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Carol Mackenzie

About Carol Mackenzie

Carol Mackenzie is Vice President of Business Development for Consumer Goods Industry Solutions at SAP. In this role, she works with consumer products firms, partners, and industry thought leaders globally on driving innovation into their operations utilizing the SAP Consumer Products solution portfolio.