Digitalization Trends For Better Customer Service In 2017

Sam Makad

The one thing that your customers want from you, apart from high-quality products and services, is exceptional customer service. If you fail to provide it, your customers will surely move on to a competitor, and getting them back won’t be easy.

Why let this happen? Offering effective, accurate, rapid, high-quality customer service is the key to winning customers and keeping them loyal to you. Slow, poor customer service is a surefire way to lose revenue.

There are many ways to keep your customers happy, but technology and digitalization provide effective and efficient ways for your customers to get quick answers to their questions and for you to help them make buying decisions.

Here are some ways to provide top customer service.

Video calling

If you want to discuss something important with a customer located in another state, country, or distant location, video calling can enable you to address your customer’s queries in a more personal manner.

Video calling is ideal for resolving technical and IT problems; for example, enabling a technical expert to visually walk a customer through a bug or error fix can save time and frustration. Some other industries that use video calling are banking, legal, and telecom.

Live chat

Website visitors have become accustomed to seeing live chat pop-up windows that open and ask, “How can I help you?” Live chat provides an easy and memorable way for you to answer your customers’ questions about your products or services. According to a survey by Bold Software, 63% of live chat users said they would be more likely to return to the site and 62% said they’d be more likely to buy from the site again.

E-mail marketing

Email marketing is one of the most proactive and effective digital customer service tools. Companies in nearly every industry use email marketing, and many are most successful when they use it to communicate information of value to their customers.

Social media

Social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, have become a cost effective and easy way for companies to provide good customer service  They enable you to directly communicate with customers when they have questions or problems. You can also use social networks to market and promote your company, adding new offers, products, services, and other important news and information, for almost no cost. You will, however, need a team of social media experts who can communicate with customers in an efficient and lively manner.


Printing toll-free customer service phone numbers on product packaging or manuals allows customers with questions or concerns to easily call your company for information. Large companies often set up call centers with representatives who can stay in constant communication with customers, offering solutions (including online offerings) to their problems. While toll-free customer service lines are a bit of a traditional approach, they remain very effective because they are free for customers.

The bottom line

In the digital world, it is critical that your customers can quickly find the answers they need. Offering better customer service in the digital world can create loyal customers who are willing to refer your business to colleagues, friends, and family.

Developing a good reputation for offering excellent customer service takes time and consistency, but with excellence and the right customer service foundation, your business can generate long-term relationships and repeat customers.

View this infographic for more insight on How to Weave Social Media Into the Fabric of the Business.

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