8 Inspiring Commercials Every Marketer Can Learn From

Ioana Sima

Did you know that Americans consider commercials the best part of the Super Bowl? According to a study conducted by Venables Bell & Partners, a whopping 78% of Americans are more excited about the ads than they are about the game.

“Why would anyone be interested in commercials? TV advertising is dead!” you might say.

Contrary to popular belief, TV isn’t dead. Far from it. As a matter of fact, TV continues to be the single most effective advertising medium. That’s because companies have become smarter. And so have their commercials. When was the last time you saw a commercial that focuses only on the product or service being offered?

The purpose of the modern commercial is to trigger an emotional response and engage with a prospect on a deeper level. A brilliant commercial can also help companies create a powerful brand image and inspire loyal customers.

Let’s take a closer look at eight inspiring commercials to see what makes them so successful.

1. The emotional: Nestle

This may not be the most popular Nestle commercial, but it is a perfect example of personalized marketing. It actually made me cry, because it perfectly encapsulates something that my mother has always done for me. Reading through the comments, I realized that I wasn’t the only one who was moved.

Mothers always make sacrifices for their children, so the emotions portrayed in the commercial speak to a large group. Studies show that companies that know how to show empathy will come out on top in this customer-centric ecosystem.  

2. The quirky: Dollar Shave Club

This video commercial has singlehandedly secured 12,000 customers for the DollarShaveClub just two days after its release. 

But… how?

It’s actually quite simple. DSC took a boring topic and turned into something entertaining, straightforward, and worth sharing. Here are a few more reasons why the DSC commercial was so successful:

  • It offers an affordable solution to a real problem.
  • It creates a unique customer experience. As a member of the Dollar Shave Club you gain access to an exclusive community.
  • It gets to the main points fast. Mike doesn’t waste any time getting to the value proposition: “… high-quality razors delivered to your door for a dollar.” 

3. The celebrity endorsement: AT&T

This is a great commercial because it showcases super-popular movies and TV series such as Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, and Ghostbusters. The catch? You can watch them all with AT&T’s data-free TV.

What I really like about this commercial is the fact that it does a lot with very little. In only 60 seconds it shows potential customers that they can watch almost every show they can think of, on-the-go, with little effort, and most importantly, free.

It really is entertainment your way!

4. The product showcase: LG Ultra HD

While it is true that LG showcases one of its products in this commercial, it does so in a funny and unique way. The prank received over five million views and overwhelmingly positive ratings because it doesn’t oversell.

If you can find a unique way to showcase your products without using too many words, or by letting your customers decide for themselves if they like it, then you should definitely go for it. LG has several great commercials that you should check out for inspiration:

5. The funny: Doritos

Doritos makes some of the best commercials. It also makes some pretty tasty chips. The company’s marketing strategy is slightly outrageous, hilarious, and filled with “what-did-I-just-see” moments.  This commercial is no exception.

If you want to enjoy the same success as Doritos, you need to set yourself apart from the crowd and build a unique brand. 

“But great branding isn’t born; it’s carefully grown over time through meticulous attention to the changing needs of target audiences.” —YotPo.com

6. The immersive: Comcast – XFINITY

Comcast brings Internet and TV access to 40 states in the U.S., making it the most widespread provider. Despite its popularity, Comcast shows that it cares about all its customers through a heartfelt commercial that showcases its “talking guide” for people with visual disabilities.

In this commercial “Emily’s Oz”, a 7-year-old blind girl describes how she envisions the Land of Oz. Her description is perfectly matched with in an intricate dreamscape and beautiful puppets.

“And that’s Dorothy. She looks like me,” the girl concludes happily.

7. The inspirational: 2012 London Olympic Games

This Olympic game commercial, brought to us by the P&G, is a tribute to motherhood. The commercial shows that behind every successful athlete, there is an amazing sponsor who shares all the hardship, failures, and successes of their child. It also shows us that any dream can come true if we truly believe.

“The hardest job in the world is the best job in the world. Thank you, Mom.”

More and more companies are focusing on marketing strategies that leverage basic human emotions such as love, happiness, fear, etc. This approach helps then seem more human and, apparently, also leads to better sales. Products that evoke emotions always win.

8. The commercial: WIX 2017 Super Bowl

WIX’s super bowl commercial showcases what the product is best known for: simplicity. Even in the midst of battle, Felix (the bistro owner) keeps his cool. That’s because he knows how simple it is to get the business running again using WIX’s website builder.

The commercial may be exaggerated, but it emphasizes the company’s strengths in a unique and entertaining way. It also stars beloved action movie stars like Jason Statham and Gal Gadot. Celebrity commercials are expensive, but they tend to go viral, so you may want to consider this option. You don’t need to call on Wonder Woman, though—there are many lesser-known actors who can help you get the message across.

For more on what makes advertising strategies successful, see Super Bowl Commercials And Purpose-Driven Business.

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