Boost Customer Engagement Through Video

Andre Smith

Many marketing professionals agree that the use of video provides greater customer engagement, and that video as a marketing tool is easy to use. Video marketing is a great way to promote a product or a new service, and high-quality video content can help generate more leads and increase overall customer counts.

Live video helps engage your target audience on different platforms and offers a great way to share a story that can result in a lasting impression. This helps to solidify brand presence and is one of the top marketing tools used by thousands of companies and brand promoters.

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Live video is much more authentic than recorded content—in fact, recent studies show that the use of live video engages customers up to three times more than pre-recorded video content, making this the leading tool for marketers.

Options for live video

Once you have decided to use live video to promote your brand, you must choose a way to deliver that video to potential customers. There are a number of trusted and successful platforms that can be used for this. One is Facebook Live, a mobile app that allows users to record videos in real time. Instagram and Snapchat also offer live stream broadcasting services, and all are great options to reach your target audience.

Using personalized video

Another great engagement tool is use of personalized videos, in which brands create videos that are catered specifically to viewers. The video personalization is created through input from the user combined with external providers and data from various internal systems. These videos deliver specific content and highly relevant information to viewers.

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Personalized videos are created from existing content or pre-recorded videos; a new piece of content becomes the template, and brands link data from their marketing platform to the new video. Personalized videos can be distributed via email, and an image can be embedded top promote the video. Recipients receive the email, click on the link, and go to a page where they can view the personalized video.

Using in-app video trailers

Another way to engage and attract customers is to advertise in apps using video trailers. A number of apps promote different brands by inserting a video, but you must be sure to choose an app that has a target audience that comprises the customers you want to attract.

When using in-app video trailers, be sure to keep your video short and concise. Offer information on your product or service with little or no filler. The goal is to attract the attention of the customer quickly and to get them to click the video to receive more information or become a new customer. Wasting time in video trailers is a common mistake, so be sure your videos are short, sweet, and provide only relevant information.

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