The Marketing Of Simple: A Plan For A Successful Business

Carolyn Andreason

2017 will be a year of opportunities, and as an entrepreneur, you might have a goal to develop better business skills. While some factors may be somewhat beyond your control—for example, how many people will buy your products and how the market will act—there are actions you can take to make your business as strong as it can be.

Whether you are thinking about launching a new company, or you’re a business owner whose plan could use some tweaks, here are some marketing tips that can help set you up for success.

Get a reliable, basic ISP

To run a business well, you need to have a strong online presence. That starts with a reliable and fast Internet Service Provider, or ISP. A basic ISP is going to be part of your yearly budget because that’s how you’ll conduct all of your digital marketing, from emailing customers to loading product videos on your website to expanding your brand across social media networks.

Look into several providers and compare the prices and packages. Consider how much bandwidth you need to make sure your website and communications can be viewed quickly. If you have lots of videos on your website, for example, make sure your ISP will allow them to be downloaded or played quickly without interruption. You don’t want to send customers away from your site because it’s slow.

Develop a social presence

In a social media-crazed industry, brands are constantly competing for viewership and attention. Social media is one key way to get your brand in front of new customers. You need a social media presence, even if it’s just on Facebook, to build awareness of your brand.

Eventually you can expand to other social networks, which creates a layering effect across platforms. Over time, new target audiences begin to recognize your brand because they see it on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, for example. Use these social networks to create a positive profile of your company and to engage with potential customers.

Make sure the content that you create for your social networks is valuable and offers new information that helps your customers. If you offer customers value, they’ll keep coming back to your site for more.

Personalize in a cool, non-creepy way

Digital marketing is all about personalization, and with advanced analytics, you can learn a lot about the customers coming to your site. One way to advance that relationship is to offer very personalized communication to your clients. There is a limit, however, and you don’t want to reveal to your customers that you know too much about them, as that can feel creepy.

Instead, set up expectations from the beginning. Invite your customers to provide their name and email address in return for coupons or promotions. They’ll know you have access and permission to communicate with them in a personalized way, and they’ll see the value of getting a coupon to use on your site. The next email you send can be very personalized and begin with “Dear John,” for example.

Be on top of customer service

Customer service should be a key part of your digital marketing plan, and you can use email and social media to ensure that you are providing top care to your customers. The key to winning at customer service is response rate. That’s why many companies have turned to social media to triage issues.

It’s important to set up a system for quick responses. For example, when someone emails you with an issue, they should receive an automated email telling them you have received their complaint and your team is working on finding a solution. You also should provide a specific timeframe for resolving the issue, such as 24 hours, and then surpass this expectation by resolving it sooner than that. The customer will feel valued and impressed with your timely responses.

Ready to implement the marketing of simple?

If you’re ready to start the new year as strong and as successful as possible, you need to go back to the basics of your company’s marketing strategy. A few simple tweaks can ensure that corners are never cut and your marketing foundation is strong.

You can’t control the economy or consumer behavior, but you can make your business’s foundation strong enough to manage any challenge that comes your way in 2017. A layered digital marketing approach will get you there, and you’ll be excited and empowered to see what a strong foundation can do for your business.

Remember: Keep it simple, layer your messaging, provide valuable content to your customers, and make sure you are optimized for mobile. If you balance these simple tips with creative approaches you will earn and maintain the attention of new customers.

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About Carolyn Andreason

Carolyn Andreason is a marketing developer, writer, and freelancer who’s constantly looking to evolve, grow and optimize her own specialties, as well as her business partners’ startups and SMBs. Success isn’t hard to achieve! Follow Carol on Twitter @Carolyn_Andr.