Avatar! Make Me Look Good! Really Good!

Christoph Schroeder

If fashion is your passion, or you like to seek out new looks and styles, you probably enjoy the feeling of passing stores and seeing the newest collections in every window that you – of course – need to try on.

For many of us today, it’s hard to find the time to go out to the shops. But say you really need some new styles, maybe for an upcoming event, and you are running out of time. What alternatives do you have? Well, you could shop online, but you’ll pay shipping costs for – and have the hassle of returning – things that don’t fit. Soon you may be improve your online shopping luck with a “digital you,” a virtual copy of yourself with your measurements and your proportions, created using a 3D scanner or an app on your mobile device. Using your avatar, you can “try on” new outfits, just for fun or to get a new look, from the comfort of your home, without spending hours in stores or searching online.

Imagine the time you’d save by having a fashion avatar! It would revolutionize online shopping – instead of buying something on the speculation that it might fit you well, you can see how it fits before you order. One big advantage is the ability to find the right size, the right color, and the right shape for your body. It is also good for your wallet because you’ll only pay shipping fees for clothes that you are unlikely to return.

Critics or fashion queens might say: “but you cannot touch the quality of the cloth anymore.” Unfortunately, that is true. But nevertheless, the biggest advantage in the fashion avatar is the reduction in the time it takes to find what fits! And the ability to spend more time on the more important things in life – like family and friends.

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Christoph Schroeder

About Christoph Schroeder

Christoph Schroeder is Global Vice President of Vertical Merchandising and Supply Chain at SAP. He works with premier customers such as adidas, Luxottica, Giorgio Armani, and Tommy Hilfiger. Follow Christoph on Twitter @nightrain_x.