The Way To A Customer's Heart: Video Animation

Ioana Sima

More and more companies are using videos to gain their customers’ attention, for one simple reason: It’s an easier way to tell a story. That brings forth the necessity of switching from the bulk marketing of simply churning content to something that will truly reach people. It needs to engage customers and bring a human touch to the world of marketing. A successful campaign is part technical, part psychological, and part emotional. Video animation can efficiently check off all points.

It’s important to understand that animations can have a significant impact on your audience. In his TED Talk, Scott McCloud noted that illustrations have a different kind of effect than live action. They tap deeply into a universal form of communication. It’s easier to understand them, and in essence, illustrations illuminate things. They are an absolute way of converging mentalities and personalities and finding a way to efficiently deliver the message in a concise, clear, colorful, and expressive manner.

Stay in the mind and heart of your customers

The world’s companies are all vying for the attention of the same demographic. It has become a challenge to not only create a brand but make something that is memorable and can engage your audience. It’s difficult enough to make your identity and create your own voice, and it’s especially challenging to use them consistently. Content marketing needs to be original, memorable, engaging, meaningful, and informative.

It’s a tall order, but not unattainable. Video animation can bridge the gap between what you know and what your customers see. By using colors, shapes, backgrounds, and engaging characters, you can tell a story in a beautiful way that will speak to their emotions. It’s up to you how to implement these, whether you want to increase conversion with video animation or possibly maintain loyal customers by offering something new.

However, the basics remain the same as it helps you create a bond with your clients. You can create a persona of your buyer by using statistics you already have. Target their age, place of birth, style, language, and interest, and create a character that gathers all of those in a way to reach them. Make it that they can relate to your brand.

If they can relate, they will respond. Customers are much likelier to connect with your brand if you share their same values. And in today’s crowded market, the one thing you don’t want to be is forgettable.

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Give life a little color and new meaning

Studies have shown that customers are between 64-85% more likely to purchase a product after watching a video of it. That incredible potential places a lot of pressure on companies to make those videos interesting and engaging. Animated videos can take the dullest concepts and make them engaging even to those not particularly invested in the subject. It will help boost your brand’s image and captivate your customer’s attention. It appeals to their senses and contributes to making sense of things that could seem otherwise complicated.

We are visual creatures, and we are further lured in by things that look appealing. Animations can have more power and versatility than live action. They can make anything look more fun than it is. A good example would be depicting everyday activities or concepts is a way that would be difficult to produce with actors. In addition, they are more cost-effective. The production and the message will be of higher quality, and you can add color to otherwise dull or mundane concepts, such as explaining the requirements of a job.

Send them down memory lane

Many of us draw our earliest and fondest memories of our childhood, and most can remember simpler times, when there were no bills to pay or other responsibilities—our biggest concern was missing our cartoons in the morning. That is why animated videos have such strength from a psychological standpoint. Animations are colorful and engaging, and there is something about them that simply appeals to the human brain.

They cut out quite a lot of the “digital noise” and stick to the point. In live action, things can inadvertently draw the attention of the viewer, and it’s often outside the control of the producer. This motion can range from the shape of a cloud in the sky to the wrinkle in an actor’s shirt. However, animation offers full control and can allow your customers to focus on what you want them to focus on. You get to choose, and you do it by presenting it in a way that triggers pleasant memories.

And they’re not just useful for recruiting tactics. Video animations can be an excellent solution for marketing as they also have the ability to educate people—remember watching “Schoolhouse Rock” and learning in a fun, animated way? Marketing doesn’t have to be all about the numbers. Emotions play a significant role, too.

Not even the sky is the limit

The abstract can become reality through animated videos. Some things are hard to express without using words. That’s why video is still challenging, and not a lot of companies use it. For example, how would you clearly explain concepts such as love, peace, harmony? A calm lake or a flying bird? It’s a nearly impossible mission because people have different interpretations of the same symbol. Abstract concepts are incredibly difficult to express. It’s like being on a stage in front of a crowd with the words in your head, but you cannot speak them.

Animation can give you a voice and a universal way to express it so that everyone hears and understands it. Creating a relatable character that delivers your message is an exceptional way of improving your ability to tell a story. This character creation could go a long way. Studies have shown that by relating or even losing yourself in a fictional character, you can genuinely change the way you look at life. It underlines the real power behind animation. You can create something that will touch people and make them think. It’s inevitable that this will win you their hearts and remember you.

It extends your reach to all ages

What’s the trickiest thing about addressing an entire audience? You don’t truly know them. You can’t see them, you can’t note their displeasure, and you can’t hear their applause, so it’s hard to tell when you’re doing a good job, or even whom you’re addressing. All you have is the numbers, but those come after your content is already out there. Video animation, however, has the advantage of being able to reach all your customers. All that matters is the tone. It can be serious, humorous, inspirational, or anything else you wish.

Handle the tone through colors, sound, characters, and ideas that you present. An excellent example would be the city of Melbourne, Australia’s 2012 release of the video “Dumb Ways To Die” to encourage people to stay safe around trains. The video has received more than 138 million views and 1 million likes. It’s an exceptional way of sending a powerful and potentially life-saving message to people of all ages. Children, teenagers, adults, and the elderly can easily understand the colorful animated characters, the soft, catchy tune, and light way of expressing their warning. It’s not a string of statistics, or an actor speaking out, or a video filled with gore. It’s simple, colorful, fun, and easy to comprehend.

Video animation can successfully change the way you view content marketing, and ultimately improve the way your customers see you. All you have to do is dare to try it. Keep it short and colorful, and your message will be delivered directly to your audience’s heart through nostalgia, visuals, and emotion.

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