Experts From EBay, SAP, And State Street Discuss The Complex New World Of Marketing [VIDEO]

Krista Ruhe

What does complexity mean for marketing? How has the digital world changed our approach to storytelling?  How can marketers use technology to be an advocate while not losing the soul of their brand?  These are some of the topics covered during a panel discussion titled “A Complex New World” at the Financial Times’ Future of Marketing event in New York City on September 21.

The full panel discussion video is available on and features Vivek Bapat, senior vice president and global head of marketing strategy at SAP; Suzy Deering, chief marketing officer, North America, at eBay; Hannah Grove, executive vice president and chief marketing officer at State Street; and moderator Matthew Garrahan, global media editor at the Financial Times.

In the digital economy, consumers have more power than ever before, and they expect to have a different relationship with the companies with whom they do business. This has caused a fundamental shift in the way companies approach marketing.  This is especially apparent in B2B companies.

“If you just look at the buyer’s journey within the B2B buying environment, we see two phases, particularly on the consideration and purchase side being central still to business-to-business buying. But everything surrounding that – the advocacy building, the awareness, the usage – all of that has really become consumer eccentric,” said Bapat.

Storytelling also needs to change, says Bapat.  “The way you tell stories is B-to-B-to-C [business to business to consumer]. You say, ‘what is the unique value that customer received from that business and then how did we serve that business?’ The storytelling has to evolve with this mindshift as well.”


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Krista Ruhe

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