How To Use Content Marketing For Lead Generation

Glen McCollum

Companies spend large chunks of their annual budget on lead generation. According to a 2016 Ascend2 study, improving quality is the top priority among marketers, even though many still get stuck in the numbers game and assume more leads equals more effective marketing. In truth, you can collect fewer leads and perform better – but capturing quality is much more challenging than capturing quantity. Marketers need a way to ensure they’re not wasting their time – and that’s where targeted content marketing comes in.

E-mail incentive

One of the simplest ways to generate leads with your content is by offering a sign-up incentive. In exchange for their e-mail address, give your website visitors your juiciest piece of content – which could be an eBook, whitepaper, quiz, or whatever makes sense and provides unique insights for your audience. While whitepapers may seem bland or outdated, savvy companies are re-creating the white paper to be informative, well-designed, and engaging. Don’t rehash information that is common knowledge in your industry – dig deeper and provide genuine quality.

Video series

If your lead-generation strategy has stagnated, you can incorporate visuals to provide a refreshing boost. A video series is effective because it compels viewers to follow you on social media or subscribe to your mailing list to keep watching. It also asks less of the audience – just click and watch. Don’t stress over minute factors like perfect lighting, transitions, and speech in your videos. While a polished product is always a good idea, your topic is the true factor that will determine success. Review past content, and select a topic that is known to capture your target viewer’s interest.

Social proof

In a survey by Tech Validate, content that incorporated social proof was ranked as vastly more effective than other types of content. Customer testimonials and case studies are two examples of lead-generating content with relatively low costs. While case studies can be time-consuming to create, they allow prospects a glimpse into how you operate and what it’s like to be your customer.

As digital content continues to reign supreme over most other lead-generation techniques, companies must learn to adapt and craft content that speaks eloquently to their audience. By implementing just one of the techniques above, you can employ content marketing to harness new leads.

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Glen McCollum

About Glen McCollum

Glen McCollum is senior director of Global Indirect Marketing at SAP. He is responsible for driving demand generation plans and activities with SAP’s Global Platinum Reseller partners. Glen is a transplanted Canadian who lives in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA, with his wife and three sons.