Using Social Media To Your Advantage: Tips For Entrepreneurs

Justine Moran

Entrepreneurs generally don’t have big marketing budgets. Fortunately, billions of people today connect with the world using social media, which means it’s relatively inexpensive to publicize your business. So use it to your advantage and craft a social media campaign that resonates with your audience.

1. Bigger is not always better

So what if 12,000 people like your Facebook page? If they don’t engage with your brand, they’re not doing you any good. You want high-quality connections that will share or retweet your content and serve as brand ambassadors.

2. Make it meaningful

Social media is not the best place for a hard sell. If your content is sales oriented, it will eventually become white noise. Your audience’s eyes will glaze over rather than read what you’ve shared.

Give your audience useful content instead. If your company makes watches, write a blog post on how to select the perfect watch for a graduation gift. Own a catering company? How about listing some recipes for finger foods to serve at holiday parties? This type of content will make your company useful to potential customers.

3. Ask them what they think

Social audiences love to offer their thoughts and opinions, so give them the opportunity to do so. Polls, surveys, and simple response questions allow your audience to interact with your brand. The catering company could ask an audience to share their favorite holiday smell. The watch company could have followers submit photos of heirloom watches. These types of interactions are an easy way to build brand loyalty.

4. Don’t just post a link

Written content is great, but it’s pictures that draw eyes. A post with a compelling photo will get much more attention than just a simple link. You might even consider pulling a quote or statistics from the content to entice skimmers’ eyes.

5. Air dirty laundry

Social media is a relationship between your business and your customers. And if that relationship sours, it’s important to be transparent. If you get a negative review or comment, respond quickly and courteously. Apologize and attempt to fix the problem if you can. Leave negative comments up unless they’re abusive in some way. Your audience will see you as authentic and trustworthy if you leave criticism out for all to see.

Social media is a great marketing tool for entrepreneurs because it’s fairly inexpensive to use and doesn’t take a lot of technical skills. By generating useful content that grabs readers’ eyes, you’ll be on you way to success.

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