10 Tips To Generate Leads With Blogs

Jennifer Schulze

By creating an online presence, you’re showing the world all that you have to offer — and if you do it effectively, your blog will generate more leads than you’ve ever imagined.

Here are ten steps to help you create blogs that will boost your bottom line.

1. Make your blog the focal point of your site—or don’t

Many bloggers choose to make their blog the homepage of their site so it’s the first thing visitors see. Others have a static homepage, and visitors must click a link to visit the blog. In general, if you have information that really grabs a reader’s attention, you should make the blog your main page.

2. Create useful content that is easily shared

Make your content useful by providing actionable steps or unique information. Then make it shareable so readers can do your marketing for you.

3. Consider SEO

As you’re writing posts, be sure to organically incorporate keywords for search engines. Otherwise, new readers will have trouble finding your blog. This can take a while to learn, but the general idea is to place common search terms throughout your post so it will show up in a standard Internet search.

4. Use your platform

Once you’ve caught your readers’ attention, it’s time to incorporate some marketing. Use your blog as a platform to gently lead readers to your products or services. As you write a helpful “how to” post, for example, you might casually mention that you provide a service that makes the process easier and include links for more information.

5. Keep at it

The most important part of blogging is consistency—if you stop posting, your readers will turn away. You must continue bringing something of value to keep them coming back.

6. Be organized

Don’t let your posts ramble. Be concise with your words, and organize your posts with headers and subheaders.

7. Focus on the title

The title is perhaps the most important part of your blog post. Spend some time coming up with one that grabs readers’ attention.

8. Offer a subscription

Make it easy for readers to keep up with your blog. Offer an email sign-up option that will send updates about new posts.

9. Be credible

Your readers won’t buy what you’re selling if they don’t trust you. Use a knowledgeable voice, and link often to reputable sources that back up your facts.

10. Listen

A blog is a great way to get feedback from your customers, so listen up! If they dislike something, they’ll usually tell you. Read your comments and emails, and respond to your readers’ complaints. Hopefully, you’ll get lots of positive feedback too, so you’ll know you’re generating leads and blogging like a pro.

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About Jennifer Schulze

Jennifer Schulze is Vice President of marketing for SAP. In her role, she manages customer marketing as part of the office of the COO. She has over 15 years of technology marketing and management experience and is a small business owner in the San Francisco Bay area.