How Culture Is Impacting Your Next Million Customers [VIDEO]

Shelly Dutton

Great marketers always know how to tell a great story. But is that story worth following?

By now, every marketer knows that the age of 1960’s “Mad Men” is long gone. As customers become more socially connected and digitally empowered, brands need to engage them in two-way conversations. However, as indicated in the SAPPHIRE NOW session “Find Your Next Million Customers in the Digital World,” maintaining that level of engagement calls for consistent cultural relevance.

According to Sean Mahoney, vice president and editorial director of Sparks & Honey, companies need to be open, accepting, and prepared for how customers are affecting culture and how culture is affecting them. “When we think about engaging our next million customers through the lens of culture, we should encourage the different – the things that are slightly outside the systems we have created,” advised Mahoney. “We should look to the background and think about what could be brought to the foreground. And we need to consider the different layers can be applied to our core functionality, messaging, and organizations.”

The brands that reach the hearts and minds – and wallets – of customers will be the ones that operate with a timeline that matches cultural changes and trends, not ads campaigns. Recognizing that every cultural trend has the potential to impact how people think and feel, these companies can find connections to communicate more effectively to customers. More important, they can better understand the “how” and “why” behind changing buying behaviors and brand preferences – which also provides a glimpse see into 1, 5, or even 10 years into the future.

Considering that our world is full of always-on social media, 24×7 news cycles, and ubiquitous access to information, there is plenty of opportunity to learn. Are you ready to win the battle for brand relevance? 

Learn more about the relationship between your customers and evolving cultural trends. Watch the replay of the SAPPHIRE NOW session Find Your Next Million Customers in the Digital World.”