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Peter Akbar

RetailFashionWeekFashion trends are transient: here today, gone tomorrow. Consumers are fickle, ready to shift to the next big thing at any moment.

It’s not just styles and trends that must grab their attention. It’s the whole brand experience, from the first touch point – whether it’s mobile, virtual, or in-store – to the kick customers get when they wear their new purchases and more.

So merchandisers need to keep their finger on the pulse of consumer sentiment and trends across the globe, constantly searching for the next fashion wave. And when they spot it, they need to be able to rapidly develop collections and assortments that suit it.

Marketers should keep their finger on the pulse of consumer sentiment too. They also need to know what’s selling, through which channel and where, so they can rapidly customize prices and promotions. But more than that, they need the insights into individual customers’ shopping journeys that enable them to personalize offers and make relevant recommendations every step of the way.

Added to that, in today’s global economy, fashion retailers need to make and manage a whole range of supplier, manufacturing, and fulfillment choices fast. Purchasing and supply chains must be as sleek and well-designed as the clothes on the shelves, able to adapt swiftly to changing demands and tastes.

Simply put, success in today’s fast-paced fashion business requires all the functions in the organization to fit together as perfectly as the collections on the catwalks, each playing their part in coordinated business operations.

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Peter Akbar

About Peter Akbar

Peter Akbar is vice president and chief of Customer Officer Fashion at SAP. For 18 years, he has been successfully engaging customers and partners to generate value by creating proven scalable solutions in SAP Fashion Management, SAP Apparel and Footwear, and other applications for businesses of all sizes.