How To Become A Celebrity Marketer

Andre Smith

Marketing is at the heart of any successful business venture. Without strong marketing, most businesses go nowhere fast.

Whether you are a struggling real estate agent, a startup entrepreneur, or a wealthy corporate mogul, you should be aware that without effective marketing strategies, there is little hope of generating consistent cash flow.

For this reason, it is important to pay attention to the marketing advice of individuals like Glenn Twiddle, a genuine maverick and real estate marketing expert. His outrageous style of marketing strategies will up anyone’s marketing game, no matter what the industry they’re in.

Here are some key points from Glenn and other like-minded marketers:

Be a celebrity marketer

Celebrities are people who are well-known and whom others can associate with a real face. People tend to trust what is familiar and popular, so being a celebrity marketer helps your brand obtain exposure and trust on multiple levels. It also helps you to reach a broader customer base since nearly everyone likes to know people they perceive as important.

When you achieve celebrity status in your industry, it becomes much easier to trump the competition. A celebrity marketer capitalizes on the fact that the competition’s marketing efforts are mediocre. As a celebrity, your marketing efforts will stick out among the pack and produce a real impact with potential customers.

Tactics of celebrity marketers

A celebrity marketer will do what is necessary to be noticed and highly branded in their area. This means using multiple avenues of marketing. Direct mail is one way to help people associate your name as the “go-to” company in your industry. Television commercials, telephone calls, social media activity, and other avenues where you can reach large audiences will also help cement your status as a celebrity in your community, and in extended marketing areas as well.

Take action and implement ideas

While everyone else is busy taking notes they will never follow up on, a successful celebrity marketer will turn notes into attention-grabbing, actionable procedures. Massive action and implementation produces massive results. People who put in the hard work generally reap the biggest rewards in the marketing arena. Those who fail to take serious action and implement ideas will never know if they might be passing up a fantastic marketing strategy that could earn them high returns. Additionally, trying different marketing strategies will almost inevitably connect you with new consumers.

The database that pays you big

Because generating leads are such a big part of marketing success, every celebrity marketer needs a quality database to keep track of potential leads and prospects. The person who does not buy today may be interested at some point down the road. Someone who has bought from you in the past might be interested in buying from you again. Returning to these individuals when leads run dry is an easy way to generate additional sales volume.

For this reason, everyone you come in contact with should have a profile in your database and be tagged for a comprehensive follow-up strategy. Another important aspect of developing a quality database of people is that it becomes a way to make new connections. Remember, other people know people you do not know. Working other people’s networks is a solid way to score sale after sale and grow your database in the process.

Write a book

Nothing brands you as an expert in your field quite like writing a book. While others write ebooks, strive to get published with a physical book containing real industry-relevant insights. Having such credits behind your name help to firmly establish you as an even better-established celebrity marketer. They show potential customers and interested parties that you have the knowledge to go the distance in your industry.

Capture it in picture form

Photo shoots and video productions, especially with other celebrities, only strengthens your celebrity marketer status. When people see your face next to some other celebrity, they automatically associate you as being a part of that crowd. The more people see that you are the real deal, the easier it is to build on your success as a celebrity marketer.

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