Poetry Lessons For Your Marketing Strategy

John Noone

Every marketing dollar counts. When you’re working with a limited budget, you need to be focused on the best return for your investment. The age of placing your adverts in respected journals and print media has all but disappeared. Digital marketing has provided marketers with a lot of choice to communicate their message to a larger global audience.

Using POEM (paid, owned, & earned media) techniques in your marketing strategies is a highly useful way of planning your marketing tactics in line with the online buyer’s journey. The benefits of POEM techniques include:

  • Marketing dollars spent in a smarter and more efficient way
  • Improved operating margins
  • Ensured relevance to your customer throughout their journey

What exactly is POEM?

Paid media – This is media paid for leveraging another channel to communicate with consumers. Examples of this type of media are tools like Google Adwords, or different types of search and display advertising, SEO, and PPC campaigns, and so on. This is the most effective type of media to get a message in front of a new audience.

Owned media – This is the content that you as a company/organization own.  Your website, social media accounts, blogs, etc. are considered part of your owned media. This is essentially where you are driving your digital customers online (whitepapers, infographics, blogs, etc.). All of your paid media should contain links to your owned media  (websites, blogs, etc.), which encourages your digital audience to find out more about you.

Earned media – Word-of-mouth marketing that has been transferred to an online platform. This is the “Holy Grail” of marketing, where your prospects and customers become the channel and share your content, becoming brand advocates. How can you make this happen? By constantly delighting customers in ways that make them want to tell others about you and your business. The digital revolution has transformed “word of mouth” to another level, and this has the potential to place your business in front of a global audience!


So how can I build this into my marketing plan?

The challenge is to be in a position to map your paid, owned, and earned media to the buyer’s journey. Paid media tactics such as Google Adwords will ensure that the consumer is directed to your site (owned media). Once on your site, the consumer needs to be nurtured through the journey through e-books, whitepapers, blogs, etc. Earned media, such as recommendations from peers and thought leaders, will convert that lead into a buyer!

he key to managing paid, owned, and earned media effectively is to ensure that you are providing the right content at the right time for the buyer to make an informed decision. This is an extremely effective and cost-conscious strategy for SMEs and will ensure that you have an effective pipeline that will reap rewards with the proper execution.BuyersJourneyPOEM

What next?

Create a list of all of your owned media. Ensure there is a streamlined strategy across all of your owned media platforms. For example, do your tweets/blog lead readers back to your website? Is there sufficient content on your website to attract the visitor to stay on your site and read more or reach out?

Ensure that your paid media is also directing traffic to your site. Your website needs to be the focal point of all of your online marketing efforts. This is your virtual shop window…it will pay to put your efforts in here.

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John Noone

About John Noone

John Noone is part of the Global SME & Partner Marketing Team at SAP. His specialties include Marketing, Project Management, Sales Management, Problem Resolution, Customer Needs Analysis, Market Research, and Results Delivery.