Top 10 Left-Brain Skills Marketers Need Today

Melissa Friedman

Marketing is no longer solely about right-brain thinking, which fuels creativity, imagination, and intuition. In today’s digital landscape, the left-brain thinking of mathematics, analytics, and language are critical to marketing success. Here are the top 10 left-brain skills needed for today’s marketing professional:

  1. Copywriting. Succinct, compelling messaging is crucial to catch the attention of today’s audience. This requires marketers to have a deep understanding of their target market and marketing personas, which is reliant on proper market analysis.
  1. Search. An understanding of search and search metrics, such as impressions and conversation rates, allows marketers to gain an accurate view of their customers. This enables marketers to focus on the best customers, drive ROI, and prove the impact of their marketing investment.
  1. Reporting & analytics. Modern marketers need to evaluate the success rates of their campaigns and prove the investments are profitable. Doing so requires knowing how to convert and interpret large amounts of data into intelligence and turning that intelligence into action.
  1. Social media. Social media is a must. The right social media channels allow marketers to improve brand awareness, boost customer loyalty, attract potential buyers, and win business. In fact, a staggering 70% of the customer journey begins online before prospects engage with a salesperson.
  1. Multimedia. Images, videos, and podcasts capture the attention of an audience and increase the likelihood of this content being absorbed and shared. Video engagement is key ― 88% of visitors stay on a website longer with video, and landing pages with video lead to 800% more conversions.
  1. Website management. A properly optimized website reinforces an online presence, connects marketers with their target audience, and generates leads. As a result, marketers need a deep understanding of website metrics such as visits, click-through rates, and page load times. 
  1. Project management. Juggling multiple projects with shifting priorities and deadlines for various stakeholders requires marketers to be extremely detail-oriented and organized. Effective planning and regular communication are essential to keep projects moving along.
  1. Strategic planning. Competent marketers turn complex concepts into compelling content that appeals to their customers. This requires executing a cohesive marketing strategy, selecting the best course of action, and determining and measuring KPIs.
  1. Blogging. Prospects and customers demand information that is easy to find and digest. Well-written blogs with engaging content improves a marketer’s online presence, enables interaction with prospects, drives business growth, and builds personal brand.
  1. Personal brand management. A marketer’s career is dependent on their personal brand. Being in charge of a personal brand across all media channels builds credibility, displays expertise, and gets marketers noticed as thought leaders in their niche or industry.

Whether you have just started a career in marketing or are an established leader in the field, these left-brain skills will empower you to build a solid brand, win business,and maximize ROI. What are your thoughts? Let me know by leaving a comment or connecting with me on Twitter @FriedmanMelissa.

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Melissa Friedman

About Melissa Friedman

Melissa Friedman is a Senior Marketing Manager of Global Partner Operations at SAP. She manages SAP Virtual Agency, a multilanguage, online demand-generation platform for SAP partners. In her spare time, Melissa is a professional photographer who specializes in wedding, bar/bat mitzvah and portrait photography. Follow Melissa on Twitter and LinkedIn, or view her photography work.