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The Illusion Of Agility: Are You Really In Control Of Your Technology Stack?

16-Apr-2019 | Melissa Burns

Take control of your tech stack by justifying every addition and having systems in place to ensure that none of these technologies are becoming irrelevant.

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Digital Core Blueprint: Building The Foundation Of Live, Intelligent Enterprises

15-Apr-2019 | Oliver Huschke

Adopt 10 standard practices for intelligent, end-to-end operations that enable you to innovate with relentless clock speed and accelerate value creation.

IT service management, ITSM, bimodal IT

Bimodal, Trimodal, Multimodal: What Role Does IT Service Management Fulfill?

8-Apr-2019 | Dirk Fuhrmann

Ever-faster innovation cycles and increasingly complex IT landscapes make IT service management inevitable.

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