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Man relies of on his laptop to find secure information

Why Even The Most Secure Platform Can’t Keep All Your Data Safe

10-Oct-2019 | Larry Alton

Having the best security infrastructure is important, but it can’t save you from human mistakes.

Businessman Using Cell Phone in Conference Room

Who’s Calling? Who’s Texting? Assessing Sender ID Validation (Part 3)

7-Oct-2019 | William Dudley

The mobile industry is examining ways to standardize how message senders are validated.

businesswomen texts on a mobile device in the backseat of a car

Who’s Calling? Who’s Texting? Assessing Sender ID Validation (Part 2)

3-Oct-2019 | William Dudley

Examine the issues around trying to stop unsolicited messages when it's so difficult to validate sender IDs.

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