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Decision maker uses a technology roadmap to define the required solutions, use cases, and implementation plans for a successful data strategy.

An Outcome-Driven Enterprise Data Strategy: Tools And Technology

20-Jun-2019 | Tina Rosario

A technology roadmap that defines the required solutions, use cases, and implementation plans is the foundation of a successful data strategy.

coworkers discuss data integrated in the cloud

Intelligent Integration: How To Energize The Next Phase Of Your Business Evolution

19-Jun-2019 | Michael Hill

When intelligent integration strategies pull people, processes, data, and devices into one seamless network, you can innovate efficiently and synergistically.

Chefs in a Kitchen --- Image by © Tim Pannell/Corbis

Two Key Ingredients For Intelligent Innovation

17-Jun-2019 | Ryan Champlin

Intelligent innovation mixes the skill, creativity, and dedication of the people in an organization with the support of the right technology infrastructure.

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