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Cloud Guide: Find The Best Strategy And Avoid The Pitfalls

22-Apr-2019 | Jan Ammann

Before you begin your cloud journey, evaluate the business needs, define a strategy and objectives, and be aware of pitfalls that could hamper success.

enterprise offerings, software, digital transformation, digitalization, services, best practices

Prepackaged Enterprise Offerings: Still Relevant In Today’s Digital Businesses?

11-Apr-2019 | Raj Bansal

Are prepackaged enterprise offerings worth the investment in this ever-evolving, ever-maturing digital business landscape?

IT strategy, intelligent enterprise, digital strategy, finance, spreadsheets, cloud storage, collaboration

Three Ways To Streamline Your Business’s IT Processes

1-Apr-2019 | Simon Davies

The digitization of business has already begun. Ensure your IT processes are effective for the digital age by streamlining and modernizing them.

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