Top Five CIO Blogs Of December 2019

Jean Loh

Happy 2020! As we rang out the old year, our readers were looking ahead at different perspectives on data management – and how to better manage their ERP software to take best advantage of that data. Evolving toward becoming an intelligent enterprise demands no less.

Why Your Data Should Have Empathy

Why SMBs Should Upgrade Their ERP To Transform Their Business

All You Need To Know About Master Data Governance

What Would An X-Ray Reveal About Your ERP System?

Recessions, Big Data, Data Science, And The Liberating Power Of “Own It”

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Jean Loh

About Jean Loh

Jean Loh is the director, Global Audience Marketing at SAP. She is an experienced marketing and communication professional, currently responsible for developing thought leadership content that is unbiased and audience-led while addressing market challenges to illuminate and solve the unmet needs of CFOs, CIOs, and the wider global finance and IT audience.