Top Five CIO Blogs Of October 2019

Jean Loh

For leaders in technology, the constant challenge is to achieve the right balance – of new approaches vs. proven methodologies, of emerging technologies vs. legacy systems, of knowing your customers vs. respecting their privacy. Each of these popular blogs offers a thoughtful perspective to help you make the right decisions in your evolution toward becoming an intelligent enterprise.

What’s The Best Way To Prepare Your Data For Business Transformation?

Why Intelligence Is The New Oil For The Future Enterprise

Executive Mandate #1: Become Value-Driven, Not Data-Driven

New ERP? Don’t Forget The BPM!

How To Build Trust Through Personalization

Jean Loh

About Jean Loh

Jean Loh is the director, Global Audience Marketing at SAP. She is an experienced marketing and communication professional, currently responsible for developing thought leadership content that is unbiased and audience-led while addressing market challenges to illuminate and solve the unmet needs of CFOs, CIOs, and the wider global finance and IT audience.