The Built-In Support Effect: Setting The Cornerstone Of The Digital User Experience

Dawn Gruszewski

Part 3 of the 3-part series “The Built-In Support Effect

Businesses that use the latest technology demand intuitive and seamlessly integrated access to support. Some people prefer to interact with guided decision trees on the screen or watch a tutorial video, while others enjoy the convenience of chatting with a robot or with a subject-matter expert.

No matter the preference, the digital support experience should adjust to the learning and work styles of individual users while providing answers in context and on demand.

Throughout this series, we have discussed how built-in support practices deliver on these expectations with direct access to intelligent services. By fundamentally shifting how users get the assistance they need, businesses can increase their digital maturity as they experience a radically simpler process for requesting help and resolving issues. And each addition of intelligent technology – such as machine learning, sophisticated intent-matching, and context-sensitive knowledge – further personalizes that experience in meaningful and measurable ways.

Strengthening user adoption with cutting-edge support

Creating a support ticket is like sending out a flare for life support. Users requiring assistance assume that the information and advice they get will anticipate their needs and solve their issues intelligently. At the same time, software vendors are expected to document the resolution of recurring incidents, risks, and disruptions across their support teams, natural-language digital assistants, and relevant customer stakeholders.

Addressing these demands turns the digital support experience into a positive influence on customer satisfaction and long-term commitment by following these critical principles:

  • Harmonized experience: A single, integrated platform gives users the same experience in how they receive information and assistance, no matter the product used or their organization.
  • Contextual relevance: Users immediately receive predictive and proactive recommendations that are relevant to their location, activity, role, and situation.
  • Efficient resolution: Resolution times are accelerated as the built-in support platform automates the categorization and transfer of relevant data throughout the incident process.
  • Zero implementation: Built-in support works automatically through a single platform – eliminating the need for additional software screens.

When incidents and business disruptions happen, these built-in support practices can help users gain a better appreciation for the provider’s expertise and service quality. Emancipating users from the time-consuming task of filling out administrative information fields on a traditional support ticket helps ensure that answers are available on demand and the risk of disruption is no longer a constant concern. 

Inspiring results with boundless potential

In this next-generation support experience, users have access to an intelligent digital assistant guiding them through all the common support tasks and harmonized across all channels – all in real time without having to leave their product. And for the entire business, this means unprecedented freedom and capacity for groundbreaking innovation and boundless potential.

Throughout this blog series, we are examining the experience and advantage of built-in support services from SAP. Be sure to visit “The Built-In Support Effect” to read the entire series and learn how your users can leverage technology every day to seize opportunities faster, meet shifts in demand more effectively, and flexibly support new business models.

Dawn Gruszewski

About Dawn Gruszewski

Dawn works within the Support Delivery organization and has over 15 years of experience as delivery manager for large, customer-facing web and mobile applications. In the last 5 years at SAP, she has overseen development for both major UI/UX initiatives and core functionality enhancements for the expense components of public sector offerings.